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Thoughtful Gifts to Give to Love Ones



In the cusp of dizzying preparations for the coming holidays, perhaps it would be good to pause – for a bit. There is no need to get caught up, feel overwhelmed in the commercialism of the occasion.

The desire to please, the motivation to exceed expectations may work against our best efforts and intentions, unless we stop to pause. Consider going beyond the traditional store-wrapped shopping for gifts which are often something to get over and done with, much like a stressful chore completed out of a sense of duty.

But it needn’t be a tiresome task to do. When early preparations are made with care, new ideas considered as nothing cliché or traditional will settle on our thinking caps, and what a delightfully meaningful mission of gift-giving to our families, kids, relatives, personal best, friends each activity becomes!

I would like to call this a happy mission of 'giving gifts of experience' to those who appreciate a sense of adventure outdoors.

Do you know of someone in the family that is more interested in experiences than receiving gifts?

Pretty sure there is, and more. Consider adding a few of those experiences to your wish list then. Now, whether that experience is a trip to the aquarium or watching a sports game, these gifts are meaningful for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. Come on, be imaginative! When you get around to it, there are numerous experiences you can think of just as much as the things you want to give.

How about family camping trips, picnics (it’s been a long time); or a bonfire and storytelling while grilling steaks and s’mores, and using the telescope constellation and stargazing; or watching a classic movie with the family at a drive-in theater; having best pajama fashion show contest, or a family singing contest in the backyard prepped up? There are other experience-based gifts you can conjure that will add a whole new level of excitement to your family’s Christmas morning.

Is there somewhere the kids have always wanted to go or visit, like a big show happening at the mall? Or a dolphin and sea lion act, back-to-back with the circus show now in town? What about an overnight sleep-over at grandma’s? Add those simple wishes as experiences, to your Christmas wish list.

There are other ways to thoughtfully grant that yearning that is aligned with the recipients’ values and hobbies. They could be:

Organizing time off for a stay-at-home mom for some ‘me’ time; get-togethers with old friends; mini-vacations or stay-cations within the locality; day spa trips; reunions; lunch meet ups; offering to babysit for a day; getting a salon make-over, etc. Add a personal touch by enclosing a gift card to the gift certificate that lines up with their hobbies or interests – like special accessories, tools, decorative utensils, handy small devices, health club memberships, magazine subscriptions, etc. Wow!


Again, pause. How do you give the most thoughtful gifts ever? The key to choosing a truly thoughtful gift is to think about the recipient. Put yourself in their shoes. Picture yourself going through their daily tasks. Outline your thoughts about gift-giving around their interests, not what you might think is a good gift idea.


What do they always talk about? 

Is it a hobby, work, a nagging problem, a “someday” dream, vacation of a lifetime, history, music, workout trends, the kids, new recipes to try. Then add in the things that they often talk and dream about on your gift list. Again, here are some more creatively thoughtful gifts to add to your gifting ideas:


For example, they’ve been wanting to have some product that they really would like, but just haven’t had the time to buy it for themselves or aren’t really aware it’s already in the stores.


What else have you observed? Do they live life for the weekend, and spend all their time and money on boats, ATVs, going fishing, taking mini-vacations, traveling, fine dining, dance clubs, singing karaoke, wine tours, having adventure rides off-terrain, uphill, seeking thrill riding their GTS MAX electric scooter?


Or are they the contemplative sort, always improving their minds, watching science documentaries, visiting museums, reading self-help books, learning new skills?


Maybe they love nothing more than a cozy, lazy afternoon at home with the family where they can make cookies, play board games, listen to some oldies but goodies hits on the gramophone or mp3, and have a movie date night. These types of people would appreciate vastly different gifts. One might appreciate a quality kitchen mixer, or a family-friendly board game, or a family adventure planner. And then, another would like a ‘surprise vacation,’ say to Bali, or Hawaii, all perfectly planned out.


So, what do they enjoy? 

Is it: a favorite TV show or professional sport; a favorite hobby, craft or activity; sightseeing while riding a Mearth RS electric scooter ; passion to build or fix things; enjoyment of peace and quiet; love for family time; desire for free time or time off from work; having a reliable babysitter to watch over the kids; mini-vacations; desire to get work done; tasks accomplished on time; home and life organized; love for cooking, baking, and giving treats to friends and loved ones; learn self-defense; love for party time with friends.


If they could choose, how might they want to spend their free time doing? Would it be any of these? Indulge in their hobbies, collecting stones and rocks, beadwork, sewing, tie dye, sand art, sketching, baking, cooking; going to the beach to swim, snorkel, scuba dive, water ski; or go on a one-day shopping spree to a favorite signature fashion shop; hang out with friends, just unwinding; start backyard gardening – edibles like vegetables or floral plants; visit galleries and museums; read a favorite cliffhanger, mystery book, or an inspirational book; travel to exotic places; renovate some areas in the house; start a business – candle or soap making, t-shirt printing, jewelry making; be involved in charity causes or give back to the community.


This one’s a bit wistful. When have you seen your kid or parents or close relative, partner’s face completely light up? What makes them smile? What gets them in a good mood, or feel romantic, laughing, or able to sit back with a sigh of contentment? Think deeply about those moments, about all the things that make them smile.


Remember the times. 

The special treats, romantic gestures, corny jokes, personal jokes, wild adventures, being able to solve a problem/repair something, debated on an issue, spent time with family/friends, the quiet times, going home to a clean house, the many surprises, unexpected gifts, first time catching a trout, serving at a charity event or winning in an amateur singing contest… think about those special moments that took your breath away…


Think about:
• What they value most
• How they spend their free time
• What makes them smile


…and you will know what to do. You’ll be able to start planning giving the perfect thoughtful gift to the special people in your life!