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The Power of 3: MEARTH Electric Scooters



What’s in a name? A lot! A name stands for something that one is going to be known for and remembered. What about a brand name? What comes to mind when you see or hear it? What good thoughts does it evoke? Impression and perception interplay in the mind when a logo, a word, or a name crops up – whether it is good or bad.

MEARTH sounds like earth, and unconsciously, one’s thoughts drift, imagining green fields, life, population, fresh air, and laughter.

What is MEARTH? MEARTH is a reputable brand of electric scooters and is a homegrown brand in Australia. The brand name connotes first class, premium, durable, reliable, and superior quality. Add to that, environment-friendly.
MEARTH is also a popular and well-loved brand.

MEARTH is Australia’s premier e-scooter developer and manufacturer producing locally-designed, top-tier, top-performing e-scooter brands. Since its establishment in 2015, the brand has produced various e-scooter ranges that cater to different types of commuters who have different needs.

Guided by its mission that is aligned with its vision, the founder and maker of MEARTH electric scooters aim to make commutes easier and safer by providing the necessary and exceptional specs and features in each of its electric scooters -- for the benefit of Australian riders.

There is no ‘mathe-magic’ as to how these powerful triumvirates, namely – MEARTH S SERIES, RS SERIES, and the GTS SERIES – perform.

MEARTH’s top-notch electric scooters equip riders with efficient commutes, and fun and safe rides. From the inside and out, all parts and knobs of MEARTH electric scooters function accordingly in clockwork efficiency -- meeting, satisfying, and yes, even exceeding the riders’ expectations in all aspects.
Here is why the ‘troika’ is an unbeatable powerhouse, in a category above their own.



MEARTH S is dubbed as an entry-level electric scooter that’s perfect for those who are getting their lively feel of freedom. Both the Mearth S and S Pro belong to the S Series. They are lightweight electric scooters designed to make the beginner gain confidence riding the S electric scooter, feeling their way, and leisurely traveling within city limits. The pleasant discovery makes this model convenient for newbie commuters. The S and S Pro are both compact and lightweight. The Mearth S weighs only12.5 kg and the Mearth S Pro weighs 15 kg.

They both boast an easy, quick-folding mechanism, for the rider’s convenience. These features make it easy to fold and unfold the e-scooter, carry them anywhere, and later store it in a small space.

The Mearth S Series features a rear disc brake, which is enough for its top speed. The portable Mearth S Series is also a significant contender for long-range riding, given its swappable battery system. Although the S Pro only provides up to 45 km of range per charge, the easy and quick switchable battery system enables riders to extend their trips as long as they need. Carrying multiple batteries allows you to double or triple your range, whenever and wherever. Impressive indeed!

Overall, Mearth electric scooters S Series are hardworking, efficient e-scooters perfect for city riding, designed with the rider’s safety and practicality in mind.


Built with the lightest yet strongest metal with a sleek, stylish finish, the MEARTH RS Series offers more range per charge to support riders going longer distances. It assuredly provides some of the longest ranges among electric scooter brands in Australia. Both weighing 23kg, the RS Series is undeniably the ultimate long-range electric scooter from MEARTH, offering everything you need for your daily trips.

Equipped with 500W Motor Power, 10-inch wheels, and a sturdy build, the Mearth RS takes on any road with ease. Feel its power at work as you effortlessly glide through the suburbs or city. This e-scooter's folding structure allows you to fold and unfold it easily, quickly, and safely - making it easy and convenient to store almost anywhere. The stem locks firmly into place to ensure its stability while riding.

The Mearth RS also comes with a highly efficient and concentrated lithium battery that turns kinetic energy (your movement) into electric energy. This is one battery that you can trust. Safe, durable and will stand the test of time. Its 500W high-speed brushless motor, allows you to gather speed over all types of terrain. Feel the power of a smooth and seamless ride. The battery also comes with six intelligent protection mechanisms, including short-circuit, over-current, double-over-charge, double-over-discharge, temperature anomaly, and under-voltage (automatic sleep) protection. The Mearth RS also has three riding modes for different environments - easily switch between Eco, Sport, and Sport+ with the press of a button.

While the Mearth RS offers up to 65 km of range, the RS Pro can go up to 100 km of range. This e-scooter line offers the ultimate commuter e-scooter that is at par with other e-scooter brands of the same range. The Mearth RS electric scooter features a rated motor power of 500W and a battery capacity of 36V 561.6Wh. The RS Pro produces a rated motor output of 850W and uses a battery capacity of 48V/748.8Wh.

This power and battery capacity is sufficient for the RS Pro electric scooter to take on occasional rough terrains and uneven paths.

The high-definition LED display lets you access all your riding modes, and check your speed, power, and more with a large HR screen display.

The Mearth RS Series uses performance-driven motors and large battery capacities, allowing its riders to take on longer ranges and different terrains. Further, the Mearth RS Series is equipped with dual disc brakes for extra safety due to their high top speeds. The Meath RS Series come with multiple brakes, like an additional foot brake. Combining those strong features, what you get is unreserved power!


The MEARTH GTS Series earned their bragging rights to be called on-and-off-terrain champions because they provide the most power and performance among the Mearth range of equally tough, heavy-duty electric scooters.
The GTS produces a 1000W motor power and uses a 13Ah battery, while the GTS MAX features dual 1200W motors and uses a large 20.4Ah battery.
The MEARTH GTS Series uses performance-driven motors and large battery capacities, allowing its riders to take on longer ranges and different terrains. Further, the GTS Series is equipped with dual disc brakes for extra safety due to its high top speeds.

Adventure-seeking riders desiring nature trips and thrills need more power, alongside the extra range. Vigorous riders will find MEARTH GTS and GTS MAX just the thing to go for, beyond their daily commutes, and then some more.
Going off-road, the GTS single motor on-and-off-road road king offers a range of up to 70 km and speeds up to 45kph -- on a single charge. The GTS MAX, the dual motor on-and-off-terrain champ reigns supreme as it provides a range of up to 100 km, and speeds up to 70kph -- on a single charge. Just awesome!
Be confident with the durable, wear-resistant tyres. The GTS and GTS MAX electric scooters feature 10-inch front and rear explosion-proof tires made from memory gel vacuum materials, enabling you to pass through the urban road. They are wear-resistant, anti-skid, and shock absorbing - delivering a comfortable ride and preventing leaks and damage. Without a doubt, ready to rumble!

Significantly, all MEARTH electric scooters come with disc brakes to provide extra safety on the road. The electric scooter disc brakes are considered the safest type of brake to use due to their strong grip and responsiveness. This is the very reason why Mearth uses them – to ensure the safety of e-scooter riders while riding -- in the city, on long ranges, or off-terrain.

Be assured of the greater dual disc capability with the front and rear disc brakes, anti-lock electric brake, rear foot brakes, and a double hand-grip brake of the MEARTH GTS and GTS MAX. Strong braking power helps ensure your safety and protection for every trip. Maximum adventure-pleasure awaits riders who seek and traverse beyond the monotony, for the excitement of the outdoors!
Once more, these are MEARTH’s very own roster, an unmatched powerhouse of dynamic electric scooters: the S SERIES, RS SERIES, GTS SERIES. The unbeatable power of three is yours, for the asking.

This is your guarantee of uncompromising, superior quality, every time. The other is the compelling and indefatigable driving force behind an inno-ventive sustainable concept that is MEARTH.

MEARTH: A Mission to Redefine Transportation

Admittedly, there are few and far between Australian e-scooter brands that make it big to the local market, let alone flourish.

The other distinctive edge of MEARTH is its massive ‘tour de force’, tirelessly working behind the scenes -– the well-trained, professional sales team, product specialists, and retail partners, all yielding excellent results in their pursuit of providing only the best to all the customers, from product knowledge to demonstration, to sensible, practical advice, especially the impeccable after-sales customer service, taking customer satisfaction very seriously.

From the start, MEARTH has elevated itself from other e-scooter brands in the market by designing and developing features that seriously consider specific riders’ needs. All of the brand’s e-scooters focus on solving commuter concerns, making e-scooter riding more efficient, practical, sustainable, and safer. In addition, Mearth brings quality e-scooters with great value for money. The whole cycle of MEARTH’S marketing and operation hinges on exemplary core values. As MEARTH grows the business, the company will always be holding its partners’ best interests at heart.

Ultimately, Mearth aims to redefine future transportation by offering well-designed, green, and affordable electric scooters in Australia, today.

*Note: Each state and territory in Australia has a different set of rules and regulations for using e-scooters. Please follow your local by-laws and use them responsibly. Ride with caution and wear a helmet and protective gear when riding your e-scooter.