The Perks of Using Electric Scooters with Swappable Batteries

The Perks of Using Electric Scooters with Swappable Batteries

The Perks of Using Electric Scooters with Swappable Batteries

The Perks of Using Electric Scooters with Swappable Batteries

Electric scooters have proven their efficiency and convenience as an alternative mode of transportation in cities. However, given that most electric scooters have a small battery capacity, most commuter electric scooters can only ride a maximum of 25 km in ideal conditions. This has become a challenge for some commuters, especially those who travel long distances. 

Although long-range electric scooters and off-road electric scooters are available in the market, these types of e-scooters are less portable and more expensive. As a result, they are less ideal for daily commuters. However, one solution to this problem is using electric scooters with swappable batteries. 

A swappable battery system allows riders to remove and replace electric scooter batteries easily and quickly. This is a technology that you don’t see often among e-scooter models in the market. After all, popular electric scooter brands mostly use a built-in battery. It’s not an entirely new concept in the industry, but it is definitely less explored with only a few e-scooter brands offering this feature, like the Mearth S Series.

If you are looking to buy an electric scooter and you want to get the most range possible, then consider choosing an electric scooter with swappable batteries. Here are just some of the benefits that you can gain from buying an e-scooter with this battery feature.

Ride for longer hours

The main advantage of riding an electric scooter with a removable battery is that you can extend your trips whenever and wherever. For example, the Mearth S electric scooter has a typical range of 15-25 km on a single charge. With a swappable battery system, you can add another 15-25 km to your trip after replacing your drained battery. As a result, you can have a total range of 30-50 km without needing to charge after the first battery drains. All you need to do is replace your battery and you’re good to go.

No longer worry about getting stranded

Once your current battery runs out, you don’t have to worry about getting stranded in the middle of your trip. After all, you can simply switch the drained battery with a fully charged battery to continue riding. Since the electric scooter batteries are also built to be small and lightweight, they are convenient to carry in your backpack. With a swappable battery system, you can ensure that you will always get to your destination and back!

Save time on charging

Electric scooter batteries usually charge for 4 to 6 hours depending on their capacity. When you charge your electric scooter, you won’t be able to use it for a while. This means you can’t use it for urgent or quick errands. However, a swappable battery system allows you to simply swap batteries, so you can use your e-scooter immediately. Moreover, having multiple batteries allows you to leave the drained e-scooter battery at home to charge while you ride. So, when you come home, you already have a fully charged battery ready for use.

Make charging convenient

One of the perks of using electric scooters with swappable batteries is the fact that you can remove them when you need to charge. Since most e-scooters have the battery built into the e-scooter, e-scooter owners need to bring their electric scooter inside their home or near an outlet to charge it. This can be inconvenient for some people, especially those living in small spaces. With a swappable battery system, you can just take out the battery and charge it. Meanwhile, you can already set your e-scooter aside.

Monitor the condition of your battery

Using a swappable battery system allows you to visually see if your e-scooter battery is still in good condition. It will allow you to inspect if there’s any erosion, leak, or damage on your e-scooter battery. Moreover, this also serves as a reminder to take extra care of your e-scooter battery since it has more exposure to external factors than a built-in battery. When carrying multiple batteries in your bag, make sure it’s not too humid inside the bag and keep it away from things with moisture or water to prevent damage.

Help make recycling e-scooters easier

Built-in batteries are actually more dangerous to recycle since it’s harder to remove or goes unnoticed by inexperienced recyclers. On the other hand, swappable e-scooter batteries are easier to remove and separate, ensuring optimal lifecycle management for the battery and e-scooter. So, when your e-scooter’s time is up, you can be sure that the e-scooter will be recycled and have less impact on the environment.

Try the Mearth S Series today

If you are set on getting an electric scooter with a removable battery, then why not try the Mearth S Series

The Mearth S Series, consisting of the Mearth S and Mearth S Pro, offers a lightweight commuter electric scooter with a swappable battery system. Despite its light weight, it’s designed for durability with its sturdy frame and components. It also provides a dual-disc braking system for extra safety on the road. Get the Mearth S for only $699, and get the Mearth S Pro for only $999!

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