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The Electric Scooter Buying Guide for Beginners

There’s no doubt that electric scooters for adults are a practical alternative for public transportation, even in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic.  While e-scooter sharing companies have unintentionally created a bad reputation for electric scooters, it can’t be denied that buying one for yourself is a worthwhile long-term investment.  Here’s a quick and easy guide that will help you find the right electric scooter. 

What kind of commuter are you?

Are you a practical commuter, explorer, or ranger? Every electric scooter brand offers its own set of features. You can narrow down your search by determining what you’ll need from an electric scooter based on your preferences, terrain, and range. 

What is your budget?

There are 5 categories based on a price range – budget ($300-$600), midrange ($600-$900), premium ($900-$1200), performance ($1200-$1600), and extreme ($1600-$2500 and above). The higher the price range the more features you’ll get.

For commuters, midrange to premium electric scooters would be a good start. At this price range, you can get enough power and battery for a long-range e-scooter. It is also the starting point for enhanced features – dual suspension, 10-inch pneumatic tyres, disc brake, LED display, and 2W front light. You’ll also need to buy electric scooter accessories.    

 Which state are you located in?

Laws involving electric scooters vary by state. Electric scooters are legal in Queensland and ACT. It is on trial in NT and SA. You can only use it on private property for VIC, TAS, and NSW. Technically it is still allowed in VIC and TAS if you can find a commuter electric scooter for adults with a 200W motor and a top speed of 10 km/h, which is impossible.  

These guides will greatly help you in creating a shortlist of the best electric scooters for adults. There are also Australian e-scooter brands that can provide local support, so you don’t have to worry about shipping and after-sales service. Find the best electric scooters for campus facilities or commutes to find the right one for you.