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The 5 Best Navigation Apps for Electric Scooter



Going around the city or travelling outdoors can be quite inconvenient and expensive if you don’t have a car. Fortunately, electric scooters in Australia, the US, the UK, and France have changed the way people travel. 

To help you enjoy your ride and keep safe while on the road, these navigation apps will find the best routes for you.


Karta GPS 

Launched: 2015

Price: Free

Karta GPS is a full-fledged worldwide navigation app that takes the renowned routing algorithm being developed by Karta GPS’ mother company NDrive for more than 12 years. With a simple yet effective design, users can download all the World maps for free and navigate without spending a cent on the data connection. 

On top of that, Karta GPS also offers a portfolio of add-ons that can enhance the user’s experience. These include points of interest nearby suggestions, live traffic information, road safety cameras, and wrong-way driver warning. It also has some funny features to make your experience more enjoyable, like customised GPS navigation icons and funny voices (including Trump and Biden).




Launched: April 2015


Starter: $149 / Month 

Basic: $349 / Month 

Premium: $799 / Month

Professional: $1999 / Month

Onfleet is a San Francisco-based technology company that helps businesses streamline their delivery operations. Onfleet’s software powers millions of deliveries per month for businesses around the world.

Onfleet’s platform includes a web-based dispatch dashboard, intuitive drive apps on iOS and Android, real-time tracking and notifications for customers, and a robust API. Onfleet helps businesses route and dispatch efficiently, collect proof of delivery (including contactless signatures), access comprehensive last-mile delivery analytics, and provide a branded, delightful customer experience.

The company launched out of Stanford University in 2015. Khaled Naim, Onfleet’s CEO and Co-founder was pursuing his MBA at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business while David Vetrano, Onfleet’s CTO & Co-founder, was pursuing his MS in Computer Science. Along with their third co-founder, Mikel Carmenes Cavia, the team participated in Stanford’s prestigious non-profit accelerator, StartX. The business went on to raise capital from some of Silicon Valley’s top investors and closed a $14M Series A funding in 2020.

Today, Onfleet is a financially independent corporation and a leader in the delivery management software space. The Onfleet platform powers deliveries across a broad range of industries including grocery, prepared meals, alcohol, restaurant, cannabis, pharmacy, and retail.

Onfleet’s expertise focuses on “the last mile.” This is the culminating step in getting a product from a store, warehouse, or distribution hub, into a customer’s hands. Companies that employ Onfleet typically see their efficiencies improve—and therefore their costs go down—by 30 to 50%, which leads to greater customer satisfaction and happier drivers and dispatchers. Delivery drivers consistently give Onfleet the highest ratings. The product is designed to make delivery drivers jobs efficient and easy.

Onfleet operates in 90 countries and powers over 100,000 deliveries daily.



Launched: 2019

Price: Free

Going around the city is easier and more convenient with eScoot. With a single map, users can see all the available vehicles near them. The app includes e-scooters (e.g. Lime, Bird, Hive, etc.), bikes (e.g. Mobike), mopeds (e.g. Indigo Weel, Cityscoot), and electric cars (e.g. MoovinParis). Users only need to download the app, choose their choice of transportation, find a vehicle near you, and unlock it via the app. There’s no need to register.

eScoot aims to become an aggregator and facilitator of all “self-service” urban mobility (bicycles, scooters, cars, etc.). Leveraging geo-proximity of the user, eScoot delivers the most adapted solution to any user who aims to move around urban environments. The app compares any means of self-service urban transports, and today counts 80,000+ downloads. There is actually no more need to download any more apps aside from eScoot for city and self-served urban travel.

Launched: 2011

Price: Free, Offers in-app purchases

MAPS.ME offers fast, detailed and completely offline maps with turn-by-turn navigation and travel guides. No internet connection is required. Simply download travel guides and maps of different cities of the world and use them offline!

Used by over a million users worldwide, MAPS.ME is perfect for navigating streets and paths via driving, walking, cycling, and riding an e-scooter. It saves you time planning for trips with its convenient routes and travel guides. Whether you’re travelling in the city or the outdoors, the app features all types of paths from city roads to hiking trails. Best of all, MAPS.ME is available worldwide allowing you to navigate your way whenever you travel in any part of the world.


Back Country Navigator

Launched: 2010

Price: $15.99 (Android)

BackCountry Navigator prepares you for the time in the outdoors by allowing you to download offline maps for navigation in the wild. In addition, you can plan waypoints and routes or record them in the field.

The app shows a coloured and contoured terrain that will be useful for navigating off-road. As long as users download their country’s map beforehand, they can easily access and use their maps without the need for mobile data. Users have used the app for hiking trails, finding campsites, hunting wild game, and even fishing. Find your own to use the app for a fun outdoor trip.

Use the following apps for easy, fun, and safe travelling on your electric scooter.