Stakeholders Join Climate & Clean Air Conference 2023

Stakeholders Join Climate & Clean Air Conference 2023

Stakeholders Join Climate & Clean Air Conference 2023


Ongoing from May 29 to June 2, 2023 at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, Thailand is the Climate and Clean Air Conference 2023. The event is a platform for showcasing solutions and actions to reduce short-lived climate pollutants and improve air quality.

This is a joint event by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) and the UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.

The 5-day conference brings together policymakers, scientists, practitioners and stakeholders from various sectors and regions, and other key stakeholders from the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, to identify new opportunities, develop capacities and facilitate cooperation and knowledge exchange to address air pollution and its adverse impacts on public health, development, environment and climate.

In the said conference, latest insights, new progress and proven solutions will be featured to address air pollution and its impacts on climate change.

The main topics of the said conference are:

  • ⚡️ Integrated planning and multi-stakeholder cooperation
  • ⚡️ Stories of success and priorities for clean air at cities, national and regional levels, including inter-governmental leadership
  • ⚡️ Scientific underpinnings and best practices to support policy, promote pollution-free economy and increase stakeholder awareness
  • ⚡️ Innovative solutions and technologies for clean air and climate action

Australia is a partner of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), which is a voluntary partnership of governments, intergovernmental organizations, businesses, scientific institutions and civil society organizations committed to improving air quality and protecting the climate through actions to reduce short-lived climate pollutants.

While the conference is not an Australian event, Australia has a significant interest and stake in addressing air pollution and its impact on climate change, as it faces various environmental challenges such as bushfires, droughts, floods and coral bleaching. It also has a responsibility and opportunity to support its Pacific neighbors who are vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Just recently, Australia has announced its updated 2030 emissions reduction target of 35 percent below 2005 levels and its net zero emission by 2050 commitment.

Australia's participation in the Climate and Clean Air Conference is speculated to involve:

1. sharing of its experiences and best practices in reducing short-lived climate pollutants in key sectors such as energy, transport, agriculture and waste;
2. Seeking to enhance its credibility and leadership on climate action by showcasing its new emissions reduction target and net zero commitment;
3. Engaging with other countries and stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond to foster cooperation and partnerships on addressing air pollution and climate change challenges.


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