Spray.Bike x Mearth Giveaway Promo winner is... | Mearth Electric Scooter

Spray.Bike x Mearth Giveaway Promo winner is...

And now, the great reveal...the lucky, lucky winner of the exclusive, limited edition, super classy, first-ever custom-painted Mearth S commuter electric scooter is no other than....Congratulations to JANET FULLER!


Winner of the custom Spray.Bike Mearth S electric scooter

To everyone who joined Spray.Bike x Mearth giveaway promotion, the color-crazed promo, our massive thanks!

Beyond the year-end fantastic promo campaign is a color-filled opportunity for all Mearth electric scooter owners, and riders to dash in exhilarating sprays of long-lasting colors on their own premium Mearth electric scooters.

As it's often said, spray your individuality and create a fashion statement. Be daring. Color as you please. Customize your ride with Spray.Bike paints. Repair, restore, refresh easily. The dry matte powder coating doesn’t drip, dribble or misbehave in any way.

Happily ride on the Mearth S commuter electric scooter -- dubbed as an entry-level electric scooter. Reliable and efficient. Just perfect for city riding, because it's designed with the rider’s safety and practicality in mind. Lightweight and compact, The beginner rider gains confidence riding the lightweight and compact Mearth S electric scooter, as feeling their way, leisurely traveling within city limits. The pleasant discovery make this model convenient for newbie commuters. The Mearth S weighs only12.5 kg and boasts an easy, quick-folding mechanism which makes it easy to fold and unfold the e-scooter, carry them anywhere, and later store in a small space. It also features a rear disc brake, which is enough for its top speed. The swappable battery system enables riders to extend their trips as long as they need. Carrying multiple batteries allows you to double or triple your range, whenever and wherever. Impressive indeed! 

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