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Revival in Australia (Growth of Mearth)

Revival in Australia



The storm as we all know, is the Covid-19 pandemic that struck the whole world. But even so, Ming Ye, Founder of Mearth (read his story here), the pioneer of electric scooters in Australia, was resilient. 

No one knew Covid’s attack, no one was completely prepared, but Ming’s relentless dedication to bringing Mearth to life in the years before, ended up being one of the answers to the problems Covid brought. Not only does hard work pay, but his drive changed the lives of many.

At the height of the pandemic back in March 2020, millions of people were forced into protracted lockdowns, masks were mandatory, Australia closed its borders affecting foreign nationals to enter, even citizens needed government permission to leave the country while others were trapped overseas and unable to return home for months because of border restrictions. There was also a lack of flights and for many front-line workers including medical staff and teachers, vaccination was mandatory otherwise they may lose their jobs. Survival mode was on.


To help aid the country, Mearth stepped in and donated 50 brand new 2018 Mearth X and Mearth X Pro electric scooter models in Australia, specifically around New South Wales (NSW) to nurses and essential workers in hospitals like Macquarie University Hospital, Meditech Staffing, Mater Hospital Sydney, Royal North Shore, and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

"Healthcare workers can benefit greatly from the convenience that these fast electric scooters bring, especially now more than ever," said Ming. "Mearth premium electric scooters help them practice better social distance and ease their travel worries. With some of them completing up to 12-hour shifts and only taking public transport, this is a big help."

Mearth e-scooters became the choice transport of Australian citizens because of the personal space, peace of mind and safety it offers since only one person could ride it at a time. With Mearth, safety is definitely prioritized. It is a company that genuinely cares.

Since the start of the pandemic, Australia has recorded more than 10 million Covid-19 infections, almost 14,000 human deaths and an average of 6,234 new infections weekly were reported recently this September 2022 but none all too fatal anymore, according to the country’s government data.

While Australia had some of the world’s strictest disease-control measures, it is currently slowly easing up as the number of infected cases are decreasing. Other pandemic measures have persisted, but they are now being wound back.


Going back to the roots of Mearth and its humble beginnings, Ming remembered, “As simple as it is, Mearth electric scooters began when it caught my interest.  I am a Mechatronics Engineer and rechargeable e-scooters easily fascinated me. I looked at the simplicity and at the same time the challenges of the impressive e-scooters. Back then, sure the idea was already right but the execution wasn’t done properly. I envisioned it could be better than what was being offered in the market back then. Electric scooters are a relatively new concept, less than a decade old, so there’s definitely room for me to improve it especially since the older models were pretty bad. I saw the potential of improving these innovative e-scooters. I knew that was how the trend would go, updates after updates. I knew it was the future of transportation but I didn’t know it was the solution to one of the problems Covid brought. I am glad Mearth is at service to people who need it, just as it should be.”

While there are other good modes of transportation to get around, the hilly terrain in Sydney, Australia makes it harder to ride a bicycle and exert physical effort to follow the slopes as compared to motorized electric scooters. These powerful electric scooters have an engine that helps start the vehicle and its battery provides the power needed to go on. It’s like riding a motorcycle but a smaller one, foldable and portable (they don’t not take up parking spaces in comparison to bigger vehicles) and of course at a more affordable price. Although Mearth is known to have affordable e-scooters, they are extremely stylish. There’s no need to climb over, simply just stand on it and it goes. Mearth does not compromise, the team makes sure of that.

Ming describes Mearth, saying, “The experience is very different with an energetic e-scooter, it is more fun. Plus, a big benefit is also that these stylish electric scooters are less likely to be stolen behind your back because you can bring it along with you wherever you go, unlike bigger e-rides that you just have to leave at the parking lot and hope it’s still there when you return.”

Best of all e-scooters are eco-friendly, they do not emit any harmful chemicals that in return we inhale. The company's goal is to use innovation to disrupt and reshape current forms of transportation to be more efficient and convenient. 


Mearth is at your service. It is a service provider, providing the most technological and reliable e-scooter there is because Mearth is always on the move, always innovating, always moving forward. 

Ming says, “The Mearth team and I dedicated hours of our individual expertise to ensure the most exceptional end product was made available to the customers. We are always giving our all. This just means there is no option for us to give up, not now, not ever. Because of this, after significant trials, testing, research, and refinement, the Mearth electric scooter was formed. These were the results of our hard work, technological advancement, and craftsmanship. The exciting part of all this is – even if Mearth is already one of the leading e-scooter brands in Australia – it’s really just the beginning and we definitely won’t stop here. To this day we are working as hard as we were in the beginning and constantly improving on our design and function.”


Mearth believes change starts in the community you are in, and a ripple effect will follow. This is what makes progress progressive. Which is why Mearth, an Australian brand that began in Australia, wants to make sure they are contributing the best to the country that also deserves the best — even being a light of hope in the darkest time of the pandemic. Mearth will never be satisfied with things remaining stagnant. 

Ming with determination said, “I am fixated on the advancement of our Mearth models. I want innovative electric scooters. It’s always about developing and becoming better and better. Mearth is persistent to strive for perfection and change must begin with us. So here I am, focused on making eco-friendly e-scooters more affordable and more reachable. If you have a product that can change the world but people don’t have access to it, what’s the point?”

Certainly Mearth has come so far, with the changes it went through and the challenges it surpassed, it only shows the growth of the company and its drive to keep moving forward for the betterment of mankind.

Ming concludes, “I am also centered on changing the laws, at least in Australia first, to make sure these spectacular e-scooters are permitted. If people need to use it, for their benefit, for the benefit of the city, the country – why not? I want Australian households to know that these grand e-scooters are accessible in all aspects – but we’re still working on this. My dream is that Mearth e-scooters would be like the legendary magic carpet in Aladdin that you can just hop on and fold and allow it to take you to a whole new world.”

Mearth has the heart of service and the mission is to bring comfort and convenience to people, especially in this world full of uncertainties. Today, Ming is known for starting a ride revolution with electric scooters and its power to change the now and the future.