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New, Promising update on E-Scooters

New Promising News on Electric Scooters

The seeming bend on the sales of electric scooters will soon be a thing of the past, and robust sales-activity from e-scooter enthusiasts are expected to flourish once more.

This undeniable gleam of expectation is in view of the recent optimistic news that finally allowed private electric scooters to be ridden on public roads effective April 5 this year as was announced recently by the Minister for Roads and Road Safety Melissa Horne 

The announcement roused hopeful yay! and relief amongst private e-scooter owners and this is prognosis is just the beginning. 

Furthermore, under the expanded trial in Victoria, the personal mobility devices, which are already widely sold by major retailers, will be allowed on public roads from April 5, mere days after Victoria confirmed it will lift a ban on personal electric scooters as part of an extension of the divisive trial. Home added, “We know e-scooters are popular with many Victorians – so we’re extending the trial in Victoria under these strict regulations to ensure people travel responsibly and safely.”  

Horne also said the government would carry out further work through the new six-month extension to help both the electric scooter riders and the public understand more about product safety standards, rider education and, also if fines for illegal behavior were suitable.

As such, private scooters will be permitted on roads with speed limits of up to 60km/h (an increase from 50km/h in the trial), in bike lanes and on shared paths, but remain illegal on footpaths.

Advocates aver that e-scooters can have a positive contribution to Melbourne’s transport landscape. They are confident that electric scooters will play a positive role by providing a low-emissions alternative to cars on short journeys, and thus fill gaps in the public transport network, both in Victoria and in other regions of the country.

In New South Wales, trials on shared electric scooters have begun in 2022, and is till ongoing. Mearth Technology, renowned Australian maker of premium, top-tier, high-performing, environment-friendly electric scooters has remained active on advocating for the legalization of personal or private electric scooters, where these personal mobility devices will be officially allowed to be ridden on roads, albeit complying with the NSW city’s laws new promulgation. With the recent positive developments happening in many regions around Australia, the legalization and approval of electric scooters in New South Wales is certainly not far behind.