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MOULA PAY Is For Smart Entrepreneurs--Like YOU!


They say a friend in need is a friend indeed.

How would you like to get a fresh new lease on your business and enjoy the best of many opportunities to grow, and expand? Sure you do!

Let’s talk seriously about money matters.

MOULA is your friend, ready to help not just ‘breathe life into your endeavors but to back up your business. Wouldn’t it be great when you could:

  • - Pay for overheads
  • - Improve your cash flow
  • - Purchase stock and inventory
  • Better manage cash flow
  • Buy business goods and equipment
  • Buy materials for a contract
  • Pay business invoices, and of course -
  • Expand your business

Yes! You have the option to choose a product that best suits your needs. 

Now, what do you need?

Fund growth:

“I need a lump sum to help run or grow my business.” Moula will help you find solutions to drive your business growth so you can have better cash flow management.

Buy for business:

”I’m buying goods or services for my business.” Let Moula help you learn about business loans.

Sell to business:

“I’m selling goods or services to another business.”  Moula will help you buy for your business.


Well, you’re in good company. MOULA has helped thousands of businesses grow, expand and achieve even more! Moula means more ‘innovative’ lending.

You can borrow from $1,000 up to $250,000 over 12 to 24 months, and repay early,  without penalty. Apply in 7 minutes for a decision within 24 hours. Access a spending limit of up to $250,000, and get up to 90 days  – interest-free.

How convenient! 

It’s so easy to apply – you can do it online in just 7 minutes, just follow these 3 easy steps:

    • 1- Complete basic business and personal information to get started. Fill out your business loan details.
    • 2- Link your online banking or accounting data, so MOULA can gauge how much you can borrow.
    • 3- Once approved, provide MOULA with your preferred business bank account, and you will have the funds deposited to your account -- fast.

With Moula backing you up, you are able to attract more customers who buy more, and more often, while getting paid upfront.  

Consider Moula as your friend who aims to understand your business needs and be able to offer the best solutions for it to succeed.

Moula Pay is how you pay.  Moula Pay is how you get paid. 

This is the Moula advantage. 

With Moula, you can have peace of mind as you grow your enterprise to the next level.

Choose Moula because Moula is all about backing good business, helping you take advantage of growth opportunities -- when and wherever possible.