Mearth to Release New Electric Scooters for Everyday

Mearth to Release New Robust Electric Scooters for Everyday and Off-road Travel

  • Mearth will release a new line of electric scooters called the GTS Series on 4 December, Friday.
  • The GTS Series will include two models, the GTS and the GTS Max.
  • The GTS Series offers powerful technology from Mearth and LG, robust design, and off-road capabilities.

Mearth, one of the best-selling electric scooters in Australia, is set to release a new line of foldable electric scooters named the GTS Series on 4 December, Friday. Built using premium materials and powered in partnership with LG, the Mearth GTS and GTS Max will offer riders and off-road travellers with a robust and long-distance travelling companion anywhere they go. 

Both models of the GTS Series boast a powerful and long-lasting battery from Mearth and LG’s combined technology. The GTS series’ high-performance and energy-efficient battery makes it capable of long travels at the highest allowable speeds. The GTS Series is set to reach up to 70KPH for off-road and up to 100km of travelled distance, giving riders a faster and longer travelling time on the road.

Another strong feature that is unique to the GTS Series is its capability to drive on rough courses. The GTS Series robust built is specifically designed to withstand the rough roads in Australia’s streets or terrains. However, despite its solid built, the GTS Series still offers riders premium comfort and style. With its off-road capabilities, the Mearth GTS series offers riders and travellers endless possibilities. 

According to Mearth Chief Design Officer Ming Ye, a Mechatronics Engineer from the University of Sydney, “We have a lot of old customers who have ‘graduated’ from our current models, and they’re asking if we will launch an extremely high-performance and high-end model.” He adds, “The GTS series was made to honour our enthusiastic fans and give back to those who have been supporting us all the way.”

Given its highly-engineered features and tough built, Mearth fans can also expect the GTS Series to fall under a premium price tag. However, Chief Design Officer Ming Ye assures new and long-time Mearth fans that the price is kept at a sincere and affordable retail price. He also says, “Even though it is still at a premium price point, the GTS Series provides a phenomenal value that’s worth more than the price.” 

Ultimately, the GTS Series offers the best value and features that are up to par with top-of-the-line brands in the market. The GTS Series sets the standards for electric scooters as it challenges brands and the industry to make electric scooters a standard mode of transport and not just a first and last-mile solution. 

In fact, Mearth has been developing electric scooters since 2015 that aim to make personal transport accessible and sustainable and help people’s lives become easier and more efficient. Through the GTS Series’ powerful battery and technology, robust design, and off-road capabilities, Mearth provides riders with the best travel experience using maximum power at an affordable premium price.

Watch out for the new Mearth GTS Series and know its full specifications, features, and retail prices on Friday. Meanwhile, check out all their top-line models and accessories on Mearth’s website.