Mearth to Introduce a New Long-range E-scooter Series

Mearth to Introduce a New Long-range E-scooter Series


After the successful launch of the flagship Mearth GTS Series in December 2020, Mearth is set to introduce another groundbreaking electric scooter to their lineup. Mearth will soon introduce the latest addition to their e-scooter lineup, the Mearth RS Series.


The new Mearth RS Series is the ultimate long-range electric scooter that’s designed to help you travel without limits. With a 65-km maximum range and a powerful premium lithium battery, the Mearth RS Series is meant to take you farther and further.


First of all, the Mearth RS Series features powerful specs that are above its competitors in the market. It boasts a 36V 561.6Wh lithium battery, a 65-km maximum range, and a top speed of 40 kph based on lab test conditions. With these three specs alone, the Mearth RS Series is already a cut above the rest of the long-range e-scooters in the market.


Aside from this, the new Mearth electric scooter features 10-inch non-slip, explosion-proof, and wear-resistant tyres. This feature offers riders better comfort and ride quality on the road. Moreover, the durable tyres prevent leaks and damages and offer more cushioning while riding. Due to its tough material, the tyres of the Mearth RS Series can withstand all kinds of terrains, including uneven surfaces, mud, cement, and gravel roads.


To strengthen the RS Series’ durability, the electric scooters are made with tough magnesium alloy. The metal is 33 per cent lighter than aluminium, and it offers an excellent resistance/weight ratio, making it one of the strongest metals. This strength and durability are then reinforced using one die casting moulding for a reliable and long-lasting frame. 


Lastly, the new Mearth electric scooter ensures comfort and safety with every ride. Thanks to its wide deck, non-slip grip, and easy controls, the Mearth RS provides comfortable and easy maneuvering for riders. Moreover, it features different kinds of brakes for extra safety, including a front and rear disc brake, rear foot brake, anti-lock brake, and a double-hand grip brake. These safety features ensure that the rider’s safety is always a priority.


Compared to the Mearth S Series and Mearth X Pro, the new Mearth RS Series offers more power and more features, making it a well-rounded electric scooter. Overall, the new electric scooter series from Mearth provides a balance of performance, comfort, and safety to take you through long trips anywhere and anytime. Riders can find all that they need in this new long-range foldable electric scooter. 


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