Mearth Rolls Out Upgraded Electric Scooters for 2023

Mearth Rolls Out Upgraded Electric Scooters for 2023




With eagerness and excitement, many have begun their vision boards for 2023, as the year's calendar draws near to its inevitable end. Full of enthusiasm and expectant that the new year will be a lot different, and rosy.
What drives, what gives one the renewed drive to make good those earlier commitments to personal plans? In one’s checklist of things to do or buy, action plans included, buoyed up enthusiasm adds to the motivation and resolve to finally go for it.

Topping the list is New Year's Resolution #1 –Learn to ride well, start right with the right electric scooter. It’s got to be Mearth S and S Pro 2023 Series.

Simply because standstill traffic can no longer be endured.Actually this is a desirable move to ease your angst. It’s productive for you too. Mearth, Australia’s leading brand of top-tier, high-performing, premium quality, commuter electric scooters unveils its latest, fresh from the headquarters fully upgraded features and function, the Mearth S 2023 Series.

The Mearth S 2023 Series is the perfect entry-level electric scooter for those just starting out. No wonder it remains a strong favorite among beginners. Impressive, state-of-the-art features with easy maneuverability, you’ll love even more the outstanding and innovative features.


    • 👉 Perfect for city riding
    • 👉 Default speed of Mearth S is 25kph and can go up to 32kph
    • 👉 Mearth S weighs only 12.5 kg
    • 👉 Default speed of Mearth S Pro is 25kph and can go up to 32kph
    • 👉S Pro weighs only 15 kg
    • 👉 Mearth S and S Pro are both lightweight and compact
    • 👉 New red wheels for easy distinction/recognition
    • 👉 New brushless motor 8x for more efficient yet same power consumption
    • 👉 More power output for farther distance
    • 👉 New Connection pin design to link battery to e-scooter
    • 👉 New Sinewave Controller for smoother, efficient power delivery
    • 👉Rear disc brakes
    • 👉 Easy 3sec. folding and unfolding mechanism • Easy to carry anywhere
    • 👉 Fits small space for storage

New Year’s Resolution # 2:  Expand my reach and range in 2023.

Now that you’re at it, you're happily uncovering a nest of wishlist! Don’t procrastinate. No more wistful thinking. No regrets. Time to act.

Mearth’s All-New RS 2023 Series  enables you to venture even farther. Such a smooth ride!

Leading homegrown Australian brand of top-tier, high-performing powerful long-range electric scooters ensures to support riders on longer distances. Known as the ultimate long-range e-scooter, the RS and RS Pro 2023 edition easily takes on the road with ease. Feel the power of a seamless ride. Mearth RS 2023 long-range e-scooter is now enhanced even more excellently:


    • 👉 Built with the lightest yet strongest metal
    • 👉Sturdily built
    • 👉Offers up to 65 km of range
    • 👉Sleek and stylish finish
    • 👉New red 10 inch wheels added for easy distinction
    • 👉Equipped with new 500W brushless motor power allowing rider to gather speed over all types of terrain
    • 👉New enhanced and stronger folding mechanism for better stability
    • 👉New brushless motor yields 8 percent more efficiency using same power consumption
    • 👉New more power output for farther distance travel
    • 👉New Sinewave Controller for more efficiency and a smoother power delivery
    • 👉Battery capacity of 36V 561.6Wh
    • 👉Weighs 23 kg
    • 👉Equipped with dual disc brakes and additional foot brake for extra safety due to high top speeds
    • 👉Comes with a highly efficient and concentrated lithium battery that turns kinetic energy (rider’s movement) into electric energy
    • 👉Battery has 6 intelligent protection mechanisms -- short-circuit, over-current, double-over-charge, double-over-discharge, temperature anomaly, under-voltage (automatic sleep) protection
    • 👉Provides 3 riding modes for different environments & easily switches between Eco, Sport, and Sport+ with the press of a button.
    • 👉Stores easily, almost anywhere

Sharing the limelight in the RS Series is Mearth All-New RS Pro 2023 edition – Because there’s no perfect time than now, to take on tough, longer terrain and uneven paths. Let the dream take you farther and extend your reach. You’re in control.

It’s not at all surprising that the all-new RS Pro 2023 edition is dubbed as the truly ultimate long-range electric scooter! Expect the unexpected with its smooth powerful delivery and highly efficient battery capacity – trudging purposely well above par its competitors. But wait, there’s more!


    • 👉 Red wheels for easy distinction, recognition
    • 👉 Weighs 23 kg
    • 👉 New tail lights integrated into the rear step on brake for visible, stronger resistance against damage
    • 👉 New battery upgrade from 48V15.6Ah to 36V20.5Ah
    • 👉 New 500W brushless motor provides for 8 percent more efficiency using same power consumption
    • 👉 New Sinewave Controller enhanced to provide more efficient and smoother power delivery
    • 👉 Reaches up to 100 km range
    • 👉 Battery has 6 intelligent protection mechanisms - (short-circuit, over-current, double-over-charge, double-over-discharge, temperature anomaly, and under-voltage (automatic sleep) protection
    • 👉 Provides 3 riding modes for different environments & easily switches between Eco, Sport, and Sport+ with the press of a button
    • 👉 High-definition LED display for easy access all your riding modes, and check your speed, power, and more with a large HR screen display
    • 👉 Comes with multiple brakes and an additional foot brake for extra safety due to the high top speeds
    • 👉 Stores easily, almost anywhere

New Year’s Resolution #3: Now’s my time, my rules.

No more sweeping under my longing for exploits! I’m giving free rein to my adventurous spirit to explore the great outdoors. Carpe diem! 

The freedom! The sense of adventure! Get it all with the powerfully enhanced and upgraded GTS Evo and GTS Max Evo 2023.

No question about it! The GTS EVO Series from Mearth, fittingly lauded as the unrivaled on-and-off-road champions provide the most power and performance among tough, heavy-duty electric scooters in its range in the market.

Then and now, Mearth has gained stellar reputation that is impressive. For 2023, Mearth GTS Evo Series unleashes its further enviable electric scooters. All upgraded, with power-packed features, performance-driven motors and large battery capacities confidently allowing its riders to take on extended trips, reaching longer ranges and traversing different terrains. The rider is guaranteed uncompromising, superior quality ride, every time. And it gets even better! Just look at these enhancements!


    • 👉 New, hardcore, durable, wear-resistant off-road tyres
    • 👉 Tyres use anti-skid and shock-absorbing materials to provide for a comfortable ride, prevent leaks and damage
    • 👉 New, more durable folding design for better stability
    • 👉 New, more durable kickstand
    • 👉 New, stronger Suspensions – new and improved 2x1000lb spring for better support and navigation on terrain riding
    • 👉 New next Gen Black Motor with 9.5 percent more efficiency
    • 👉 New Sine-wave controller offers better efficiency and less heat, less sound, more power
    • 👉 GTS produces a 1000W motor power and uses a 13Ah battery
    • 👉 GTS MAX uses a large 20.4Ah battery
    • 👉 Single motor GTS on-and-off-road road king offers a range of up to 70 km and speeds up to 45kph -- on a single charge
    • 👉 Dual motor and on-and-off-terrain champ GTS MAX provides a range of up to 100 km, and speeds up to 70kph-- on a single charge
    • 👉 Both equipped with dual disc brakes for extra safety due to its high top speeds in the city, on long ranges, or off-terrain
    • 👉 Strong braking power of the disc brakes strong grip and responsiveness helps ensure rider’s safety and protection in every trip

Beyond the ride, it is always an exhilarating, freeing experience, blending seamlessly into the cityscape, or hovering over nature and its wonders! Ultimately, Mearth aims to redefine future transportation with its unprecedented innovations and by offering well-designed, green, and affordable electric scooters in Australia, today. 2023 is an absolutely definitive year for sustainable PMDs. Without a doubt too, 2023 is Mearth Technology’s year, again. The best-loved brand in Australia promises to blast into the future, today, with unrivaled innovation, exciting upgrades guaranteed to be best-sellers. As always.