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Mearth Partners with Big Men's Clothing

Mearth celebrates its partnership with Ron Bennett’s Big Men’s Clothing as both brands introduce a new and better way to commute or travel for big men. The partnership aims to promote heavy-duty electric scooters, such as the Mearth GTS electric scooter, as a convenient and comfortable alternative to public or private transportation for big men in Australia.

As Australia’s first electric scooter brand, Mearth electric scooters cater to commuters and off-road travellers and provide them with innovative e-scooters specific to their needs. The brand aims to provide quality, efficient, portable, and fun scooters for a range of riders. Mearth’s partnership with Big Men’s Clothing is a testament to Mearth’s mission to reach out to a wide range of customers and encourage everyone to ride sustainable electric scooters as a personal mode of transportation.

Meanwhile, Big Men’s Clothing has been providing big men in Australia with quality, affordable clothes for over five decades. After running their stores for over 20 years in various cities in the country, Big Men’s Clothing has made their store fully online, enabling big men across the globe to have access to their clothing. As part of their online service, Big Men’s Clothing offers an over the phone shopping service for any concerns regarding product selection and sizing as well as a 30-day return or exchange policy. 

Fans of Mearth and Big Men’s Clothing may also see future content collaborations on their website or social media channels. In fact, Big Men’s Clothing has already released their review of the Mearth GTS electric scooter.

Watch the Mearth GTS review from the guys at Big Men’s Clothing.

Embed: Mearth Technology: Reviewing the GTS Electric Scooter for Big Men

Built with durability and power in mind, the Mearth GTS offers a maximum power output of 1600 W, resulting in a top speed of 50 kph and a max range of 70 km. Meanwhile, the GTS MAX offers more power with a burst output of 3200 W, giving you up to 70 kph of speed and a max range of 100 km.

However, what makes it suitable for big men is its weight capacity, durable built, and comfortable design. The GTS and GTS MAX both have a capacity of 150 kg, which is just right for bigger folks. Its quality and durable material also makes it withstand rough paths even at high speeds. In fact, it can even take riders up a 30-degree hill. Lastly, the GTS and GTS MAX's spacious deck and intuitive design make it comfortable for big men to properly stand and balance themselves while riding.

As a result, the Mearth GTS and GTS MAX electric scooters allow big men to commute easily and comfortably, travel around the city or off-road paths quickly and safely, and ride a durable, long-lasting, and sustainable electric scooter.

For those who would like to order the Mearth GTS or other Mearth electric scooters, check out Mearth’s shop for the complete specs and prices. For any enquiries in our products, services, and partnerships, get in touch with Mearth via +61 488854129 or