Mearth is in the Monopoly Game, too! | Mearth Electric Scooter

Mearth is in the Monopoly Game, too!

Mearth is in the Monopoly game, too!

The royal carpet is rolled out.

The king of board games is back – Mr Monopoly.

He's shaking things up, making this season’s in-store game activities in the Vicinity Centres across Australia another slam dunk, smash hit with the return of


It's on from April 20 to May 31, 2023.

The mechanics are fairly simple – a customer shops, he/she then receives a playing card to enter. After signing up, the receipt is scanned and the cusotmer can play at

The qualifying receipt entitles the customer to a game play. 

One receipt, one game play. 

The chance cards can be an instant win. Then there are category cards, too. 

Loads and loads of prizes are at stake, like travel prizes, shopping sprees and many more! 

Adding excitement is the very popular, well-loved, dream prize to win: a Mearth premium electric scooter!

The exclusive in-mall promotion and game activity in 50 Vicinity Centres all over Australia has Mearth as an important prize partner in this epic retail promotion activity.

Customers can check out the sleek, rugged style of these top-tier, high-performing, superior quality electric scooters:

👉 Mearth S entry-level commuter e-scooter that’s best for the newbie learning to ride his way to freedom
👉 Mearth S Pro commuter e-scooter is just great for going to meetings, work, school or daily errands  
👉 Mearth GTS Evo on-and-off-road heavy-duty e-scooter that’s perfect for the experienced adventurous rider wanting to explore more...


To truly appreciate the sleek beauty and power of these Mearth electric scooters, check out the Mearth e-scooters on display in any of these Vicinity Centres:

1.Roseland NSW
2.Bankstown NSW
3.The Myer Centre QLD
4.Northland VIC
5.Midland Gate WA


Leaving no stone unturned, Mearth ensures the brand you trust to be affiliated with as your partner will further stimulate customer curiosity, and that redounds to more and bigger sales. 

Expect more surprises, soon! Mearth aims to truly help boost overall retail sales and customer preference for you, every time.