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Mearth Father's Day Sale

Mearth Father's Day Sale 2023

This time, it’s for Dad.

Many occasions have come and gone, year in, year out.

But this year, it has to mean something really special.

It’s Payback time!

Because the BIG Man in the house is definitely, absolutely worth it!

So, for the best dad in the world

it's got to be a Mearth Electric Scooter!

Let dad have the reins in his spare time, unwinding, feeling free to ride his new e-scooter, a gift lovingly given, and roam anywhere he pleases.


He deserves it.


All Mearth e-scooters are top-tier, superb quality and top-performing electric scooters with dynamic and powerful features and specs, and they’re listed here to help you decide what you will give your dad:



Dubbed as an entry-level electric scooter that’s perfect for those who are getting their lively feel of freedom. Moreover, Mearth S is your high-performance everyday electric scooter. It is a durable, lightweight, foldable scooter that’s powerful enough for daily commutes in the city. If you’re looking for a portable e-scooter, this is one of the lightest and most compact scooters that you can find on the market. Overall, the Mearth S is designed to make traveling more convenient for all riders.




A notch above the well-loved Mearth S electric scooter, Australia’s first e-scooter brand, the Mearth S Pro has the same light, portable, and foldable frame as the Mearth S and even more. Get more power, better comfort, and longer range riding as you get better at riding your e-scooter. Consider the Mearth S Pro as a desire to elevate your zest for a high-performance everyday electric scooter. A high-performance electric scooter that’s ideal for commuters who travel on different types of paths every day or around the city regularly. The hot-swappable battery feature enable the rider to enjoy longer riding hours and arrive poised and cool.



It offers up to 65 km of range top speed of up to 40 kph, a max load of 100 kg, and 10-inch pneumatic tyres and features a rated motor power of 500W and a battery capacity of 36V 561.6Wh. Its power and battery capacity is enough to take on occasional rough terrain and uneven paths. The Mearth RS is built with the lightest, strongest metal for a sleek, stylish finish.




This one is for performance-driven rides. The Mearth RS Pro is a powerful long-range electric scooter, featuring powerful battery capacity, allowing you to take longer trips anywhere and anytime. With a 500W motor for a smooth and seamless ride, feel its powerful and prominent presence as the motor and 10-inch wheels deliver you through various terrains and uneven paths. It comes with multiple brakes, like an additional foot brake. Combining those strong features, what you get is unreserved power! Mearth RS Pro has new tail lights integrated into the rear step on the brakes for visible, stronger resistance against damage.



Designed specifically for city riding, Mearth City’s superior features include a hot-swappable battery system that allows the rider to easily replace the battery in use with an extra, fully charged one -- in seconds. Extend your range and ride longer without worrying about running out of power. The extra battery can be easily carried and swapped anytime, anywhere. The advanced Li-ion 13Ah 36V battery offers a long-lasting ride of up to 40 km on a single charge and charges up quickly in just 6-7 hours. The Mearth City electric scooter boasts a powerful 450W permanent magnet brushless motor that can propel you, the rider, up to 25 km/h and climb inclines up to 20 degrees with ease. Weighing only 19 kg, it folds and unfolds easily in seconds, making it easy to store and carry.



Leading-edge engineering and dauntless exploration of less traveled sights lead you to the Mearth RS Outback. Rugged, robust, hard-wearing, sturdy and well-built, the RS Outback is designed as such so that it can take on tough and ragged terrains, including the slopes and peaks of the Australian outback. The dual motors are strong and deliver uncompromising power, as you ascend every terrain with ease. The front and rear motor drive ensures that you get an exhilarating and stable ride everytime. The spring suspension system, both at the front and rear spring damping works to make your ride smoother than ever, as the mechanical setup is designed to absorb and dampen the shocks, vibrations, and impacts on the Mearth RS Outback while in motion, particularly when riding on uneven or bumpy surfaces.



MEARTH GTS EVO is a premium foldable single-motor electric scooter designed for the everyday commuter and off-road traveler. It's hill-climbing ability is suitable for driving through bumpy and jagged paths. It can ride up to 30 degrees of slope too. No need to hike up while carrying your e-scooter, because it’s easier to pass through slopes with the GTS electric scooter.

Whether you’re riding in the city, or going off-terrain, you'll be attracted to the MEARTH GTS e-scooter for its long-lasting battery, off-road capabilities and tough, yet comfortable design. The Mearth GTS only weighs 29 kg and is portable too. On a single charge, the Mearth GTS can travel up to 70 km.



Dual motor, on-and-off-terrain champion GTS MAX EVO provides a range of up to 100 km, and speeds up to 70kph -- on a single charge. Strong braking power of the disc brakes strong grip and responsiveness helps ensure rider’s safety and protection in every trip. From long-range, tough terrains to long-distance travels, the GTS MAX is both a road champion and a beast that offers boundless possibilities, offering the best hill-climbing ability, suitable for driving through rough paths. It can ride up to 30 degrees of slope. Power and distance define this robust riding machine. From the grip to the footing, to the controls and suspension, all’s rock-steady and firm. GTS MAX's spacious deck and intuitive design make it comfortable for big men to properly stand and balance themselves while riding.



Heavy-duty, hardwearing, sturdy, robust, with tough, off-road and all-terrain capability. Built-in advanced program for enhanced riding experience. It has a rated 3200W brushless HUB dual motor with a peak power of 4000W, giving consumers more value for their money as it yields very powerful, tougher and sturdy performance on the roughest roads. The built-in Sine-wave controllers, the most technologically advanced controllers available, power the electric scooter as it connects all the electrical parts of this rideable together. Enhanced and protected with a fail-safe Anti-Theft System, it allows the owner/rider to set-up a personal password that responds only at owner/rider’s command, assuring rock-solid security against robbers of one’s prized Mearth Cyber electric scooter.


Awesome and power-driven, right? Best to let dad choose the Mearth e-scooter of his choice. And whatever Mearth e-scooter you choose to gift your dad with, it will be truly special, because it is sincerely given, coming from your heart, with love and kisses too!


But wait! There’s more! And because Dad is indeed special, he gets absolutely FREE!

Airlite Helmet

5-digit Passcode Chain Lock


It’s Mearth’s way of showing appreciation to the BIG man in the house.

The special Father’s Day Sale is valid from Sept. 3 – 30, 2023 only.

Promo valid in Australia only; while stocks last.

Not valid in conjunction with other promos and discounts.

Promo valid at: only.

Other terms and conditions may apply.