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MEARTH CYBER: An Epic Leap into the Future


Who hasn’t watched “Back to the Future” ? When the relatively unknown hoverboard was shown on screen, there were “oohs” and “aahs,” and many in the audience were in stupefied amazement. The scene was supposedly sometime in the 60’s when rock n roll was at its hilt.

Back to the future. It is definitely not in some crystal ball gazing that you can get a sneak peak into what’s next in the offing. 

The glimpse we’ll be seeing is not just amazing.  Because the future in now.
Prepare to witness the transportation of the future – today.


It’s vibrance and power to the next ante. A real ‘breakthrough inno-vention’. And, w-ow!  What makes the MEARTH CYBER a cut above the rest, waaa-ay above contemporaries?

MEARTH CYBER is futuristic. Its advanced programming is ingeniously built into this dynamic personal mobility device. Watch it roar-r-r with power! 

MEARTH CYBER is powerful. Standing tall above the rest. Unequaled in every way, from speed to reach and range and slope -- nothing compares. 

MEARTH CYBER is calculating, intelligent. It’s like having an A.I. at your fngertips. Proactive and ready to carry out your every impulse and command. Virtually unmatched.

MEARTH CYBER is responsive. The advanced program built into this electric scooter enables the PMD to monitor both the power output from each wheel and from the torque (turning force) which changes every milli-second, to anticipate, gauge and set the power output to the best torque setting for the rider to experience and enjoy the best ride, each time. Highly responsive, can swiftly adjust the torque which is a twisting force that helps to cause rotation
And it doesn’t stop there. 

MEARTH CYBER is built with a rated 3200W brushless HUB dual motor with a peak power of 4000W, MEARTH CYBER gives consumers more value for their money every time it yields very powerful, tougher and robust performance even on the roughest roads.

MEARTH CYBER is enhanced and protected with a fail-safe Anti-Theft System that allows owner/rider to set-up a personal password that responds only at owner/rider’s command, thereby assuring rock-solid security against robbers of one’s prized personal mobility device. 

MEARTH CYBER has built-in Sine-wave controllers, the most technologically advanced controllers available to power an electric scooter as it connects all the electrical parts of the e-scooter together. 

MEARTH CYBER comes with a built-in 60V 26Ah battery with a 4A Fast Charge Technology that can yield 30 percent up to 80 percent charge in just 1 hour. 
MEARTH CYBER flaunts the radiance stylishly. Front dual LED headlight that’s attached to the stem brightly illumines the path ahead for full visibility, for both rider and approaching vehicles.

MEARTH CYBER has built-in brake lights and built-in turning lights that adds visibility to the rider’s presence and lights up as a warning signal for other vehicles to be aware that the rider stopping, or when there is a need to turn right or left.  
Lights all the way! Really glows in the dark. You can’t miss the brightly lit signature color-changing MEARTH CYBER logo that shines bright. The ambient lights are very visible on the stem and on both sides of the deck. 

MEARTH CYBER has built-in front and rear suspensions ensure that this futuristic rideable robust, sturdy and very durable. And also comfortable for the rider.
MEARTH CYBER Built-in front and rear Nutt/Zoom hydraulic brakes + ABS Braking System ensures spot on, actual brake action. A lifesaver that works. 
MEARTH CYBER has built-in 10” wear-resistant, anti-skid, non-slip, shock-absorbing, pneumatic tires on any road surface - cement, uneven roads, mud, bricks and gravel and other rough terrain. Each ride is a comfortable experience. Leaks and damage to the tires are will soon be a thing of the past.

MEARTH CYBER runs a maximum speed of 75 km/hr (default is still 25 km/hr in accordance to Australian laws) with its Trigger Throttle, and is capable of reaching the maximum range of 75 km/hEARTH CYBER can climb a slope, with a climbing grade of 70 percent and can easily carry a load of up to 180 kg.

MEARTH CYBER is just outstanding -- from design to features, all in total sync. Trendy in look, from top to bottom, sideways, front and back. Impressive, jaw-dropping, smooth and sleek, Such a well-built ‘hunk’. 

Special condition:

2 year warranty on the Mearth Cyber frame. 1 year warranty on the Mearth Cyber battery, motor and controller.

MEARTH CYBER is technologically advanced, indeed one epic leap to the future -- surreal and every bit true. 

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