Mearth City: Unparalleled. Smooth as Silk Ride | Mearth Electric Scooter

Mearth City: Unparalleled. Smooth as Silk Ride

Mearth City 

Revealing the latest innovation from Mearth -- the all-new Mearth City e-scooter. Mearth's team has gone above and beyond to reimagine urban mobility, and the result is nothing short of spectacular.

That is why we call it the urban wonder.

Without much ado, Mearth is proud to present a city scooter equipped with a suspension system unlike commonly used: the Mearth City boasts state-of-the-art hydraulic dual shock suspension.

And this cutting-edge feature ensures what excited riders want –- a ride so smooth, it feels like gliding on air.

The Mearth City's advanced suspension system effortlessly absorbs those road flaws and imperfections, to transform what was previously a grating experience into a smooth and seamless journey.

No more navigating through city streets contending with unexpected bumps and coarse, uneven surfaces. No more bracing yourself for those rough patches or avoiding particular routes. With the urban wonder that is Mearth City, every path you take on is open to exploration.

Enhancing ride comfort, the Mearth City’s innovative suspension system also adds an extra layer of safety. By maintaining better road contact and improving stability, riders can enjoy increased control and confidence, even on challenging terrains.

The Mearth City is goes beyond performance. This urban wonder is about revolutionizing the commuting experience -- your daily ride.

Mearth is committed to quality, and this innovation shines through in the Mearth City electric scooter.



• Built and structure: Specially made with an all-new tubular aluminum frame painted with a sleek matt black finish, design-wise, Mearth lets the rider arrive at any destination with cool and composed.

• Compact: Unfolding size is 1130x460x1260 mm while folding Size is 1130x460x550 mm. Fold it up and unfold effortlessly in seconds, at your convenience.

• Powerful Performance: Equipped with a Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor, 450W pure power.

• Swift and Steady: Cruise through the city at a max speed of 25 km/h reveling at the fast-paced city ride.

• Lightweight Design: Weighing just 19 kg, Mearth City E-Scooter offers optimal portability without compromising on performance.

• Hardwearing Battery: The advanced Li-ion 13Ah 36V Battery ensures long-lasting rides, exploring the cityscape minus worries; the hydraulic suspensions provides more comfort.

• Quick Charging: The charging time is only 6-7 hours.
• HD display screen: It only takes one look at one screen and you’ll be able to see and know the remaining power, the speed -- in real time, speed mode and distance traveled.

• Climbing Angle: Conquer inclines with ease; the max climbing angle is 20°, so going up hilly urban terrains become smooth and easy.
• Waterproof too: The IPX4 Waterproof Level lets the user ride confidently through light rain or wet conditions, as the Mearth City E-Scooter is well-protected from water damage.

• Maximum load: Built to carry a max load of 100 kg, Mearth City E-Scooter assures safe, stable and comfortable ride for riders of all types and weight.

• 2 year warranty on the Mearth City frame. 1 year warranty on the Mearth City battery, motor and controller. 


For riders desiring to experience unparalleled smoothness in their daily commutes, it’s time to say goodbye to the stressful jolts and jitters in your city riding.

Time to embrace the future of urban mobility with the Mearth City, new urban wonder.