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Mearth: Bringing E-scooter Innovation to the Next Level


In recent years, electric scooters have changed the way we move thanks to their speed, convenience, and fun. This is also thanks to the different e-scooter developers that took the children’s kick scooter and turned it into a portable travelling device for adults. 

Mearth Technology is one of those developers who helped pave the way for e-scooters, especially in Australia. Conceived in 2015, Mearth is an electric scooter developer that aims to make travelling easier, more sustainable, and more affordable. Moreover, Mearth is the first local e-scooter developer in Australia and it has risen to become one of the most popular local e-scooters in the country.

In just a few years, Mearth has already achieved much and has cemented its name in the industry. Since its inception, the company has developed three successful electric scooter lines. In 2018, Mearth joined Incubate, an award-winning startup program at the University of Sydney. According to the program, Mearth had generated a revenue of $115,000 and shipped 210 units in just three months. Today, Mearth is one of the most recognised e-scooter brands in Australia and one of the best-selling local brands from over 30 Australian stockists.

Given this success, what is the secret to Mearth’s success? After all, it’s difficult to promote a new idea like e-scooters and penetrate the Australian market easily. Ming Ye, the CEO of Mearth Technology and a Mechatronics Engineering graduate from the University of Sydney, says:

“Innovation is the core of the company. We continuously strive to improve our products with new ideas. We don’t just improve the physical design of our products but we also look into battery science, the efficiency in our smart controlling system, and the manufacturing techniques in making our products. This creates consistent products on our assembly lines. We never stop looking into the latest innovations in material science.”

The company’s passion for innovation is evident in the Mearth electric scooters. This can be seen by the broad range of products that Mearth offers:

  • Mearth X Series

The Mearth X Series offers the lightest e-scooter among all of Mearth’s products. The e-scooter line was designed to be simple and compact yet powerful. As a result, riders get an ultra-portable e-scooter that offers the speed, power, and range for daily commutes.

  • Mearth S Series

The Mearth S Series takes battery technology to the next level with its ingenious swappable battery system. Riders no longer have to worry about running out of battery during their trip since they can easily change batteries. The Mearth S Series was designed to get the most range and performance possible for every trip.

  • Mearth GTS Series

The Mearth GTS Series is the latest e-scooter line from Mearth, launched only in late 2020. The GTS Series offers the most powerful e-scooter in all of Mearth’s lineup, making it the flagship e-scooter of the brand. This premium e-scooter series provides the best possible ride experience for on-road and off-road travelling.

Despite these finished products, Mearth is continuously looking to improve these e-scooters and developing newer and better models.

If Mearth stops to look for, test, and bring new ideas to the market, then e-scooter development would be at a standstill. Ming Ye stresses the importance of innovation saying, “Without innovation and new ideas, we wouldn’t be living comfortable lives today. The people who invented computers, smartphones, and other tech that we have today went beyond their understanding and tested new ideas to make lives easier and better. If we don’t encourage innovation, then we would stop growing as a society and prevent ourselves from reaching our full potential.”

That’s why Mearth will never stop finding new and better ways to develop efficient, safe, convenient and fun electric scooters. The brand will constantly push and bring electric scooters to the next level. With this goal and dedication in mind, there is still a lot more in store for Mearth and our fans. 

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