Limited Time Only! Get Free Shipping to New Zealand | Mearth Electric Scooter

Limited Time Only! Get Free Shipping to New Zealand

Limited Time Only! Get Free Shipping to New Zealand

Due to popular demand, Mearth, the first electric scooter developer in Australia, finally opens its doors to Kiwis! To celebrate the launch, Mearth offers electric scooter fans in New Zealand free shipping for all Mearth electric scooters until May 21, Friday only!

Get this limited free shipping offer by shopping through this free shipping page exclusively for riders from New Zealand. Choose among the six available Mearth electric scooters that fit your needs and check out easily. There’s no need to sign up to purchase a scooter, and Mearth offers flexible payment options to make it easy and convenient for you. Currently, Mearth offers discounts on the Mearth X Pro, Mearth X Pro Deluxe bundle, Mearth S Pro, and Mearth GTS. Grab this chance to get a discounted price plus a free shipping offer!

From a retail price of $850, the Mearth X Pro is now available for only $749. Weighing only 12 kg, the Mearth X Pro is the brand’s lightest commuter foldable electric scooter, and it offers a slim and compact design, 25 kph top speed, 25 km range, and 188 to 376 Wh battery. It also features a kinetic energy recovery system, a large display screen, and a double braking system.

Meanwhile, the Mearth X Pro Deluxe bundle is also on sale. From $1,050, this bundle is now available for only $948. The bundle includes a rechargeable external battery that allows the Mearth X Pro to extend its range up to 45 km on eco mode. The Mearth X Pro offers riders a portable, comfortable, and powerful riding experience that’s perfect for your commuting needs.

On the other hand, the Mearth S Pro electric scooter is now available for only $999 from a retail price of $1,099. The Mearth S Pro features a lightweight but durable frame, an easy one-second folding mechanism, and a swappable battery system that allows riders to travel without limits. Riders can carry the lightweight batteries with them and switch out batteries whenever they need to go the extra mile. Thanks to the swappable battery system, riders can extend their trip up to 45 km or more, depending on how many batteries they carry. 

Mearth’s popular off-road electric scooter series also gives a discount on one of its e-scooter models. From $2,499, the Mearth GTS is now available for only $1,999. This flagship electric scooter from Mearth GTS sports a premium and durable build, high-performance specs, and a folding ability despite being an off-road e-scooter. Moreover, it features a top speed of up to 50 kph, a top range of 70 km, 30% hill-climbing ability, IP54 rating, and a burst output of up to 1600W. Take the Mearth GTS for commutes or off-roading and see the difference between riding a powerful electric scooter. 

Other Mearth electric scooters that are available but not on sale include the Mearth S and the Mearth GTS MAX. The Mearth S has the same dimensions and design as the S Pro, but it is lighter than the S Pro by 2.5 kg. The model also features a swappable battery system, a one-second folding mechanism, reliable disc brakes, and a colourful display screen. The Mearth S also features a top speed of 25-32 kph, 110 kg rider weight, and a 15-degree climbing angle.

Finally, the Mearth GTS MAX is the brand’s most powerful electric scooter among their models. The Mearth GTS MAX boasts a max speed of 70 kph, a max range of 100 km, a max load of 150 kg, and a burst output of 3200W. This extreme high-performance and premium electric scooter offers higher specs than the average off-road e-scooter model and can compete with established off-road e-scooter brands.

Electric scooters in New Zealand should watch out as Australia’s popular electric scooter brand has finally entered the market. Get your Mearth electric scooter today, and avail of the free shipping fee to New Zealand until May 21 only!

Why choose Mearth

Launched in 2015, Mearth is the first electric scooter developer in Australia. The team behind Mearth has helped develop and promote Australian-made electric scooters to the country. Mearth electric scooters feature innovative and functional designs that cater to specific riding needs while pushing the designs and features forward. 

The Mearth brand also focuses on providing comfort and safety to enhance riders’ travel experience while keeping them safe on the road. Finally, Mearth balances quality and quantity to ensure that you get the best value for your money. After all, electric scooters are also an investment for your commuting or travelling needs.

Mearth aims to make your life easier and more efficient by developing intuitive, high-performance, and safe electric scooters. Mearth believes that electric scooters are the future of transportation, and the ultimate goal is to create the best electric scooter Australia has to offer. Ride safe and ride sustainably with Mearth.