Kogan and Mearth inks a Lucrative Partnership | Mearth Electric Scooter

Kogan and Mearth inks a Lucrative Partnership

 Kogan and Mearth inks a Lucrative Partnership

Premiere Australian online retailer KOGAN sells a wide range of products, such as TVs, phones, laptops, appliances, clothing, and yes, you guessed it right! Electric scooters too. Founded in 2006 by Ruslan Kogan, the said online store has become one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the land down under. 

Mearth is excited to be in partnership with KOGAN, certified tops in online retail of in-demand and high-quality consumer products in Australia, including Mearth top-performing electric scooters, such as the Mearth S Series, the S and S Pro commuter e-scooters come with new red wheels for easy distinction and recognition. Lightweight, foldable and portable, the S Series are designed to help the beginner gain confidence while riding, feeling their way, and leisurely traveling within city limits.

The Mearth S weighs only 12.5 kg while the Mearth S Pro weighs 15 kg. Both are compact and portable. Top speed of Mearth S is 25 k/h while the S Pro is 45/h. New brushless motor 8x for more efficiency, yet same power consumption.



The Mearth RS Series is the ultimate long-range electric scooters. Featuring the Mearth RS which can reach up to 65km of range, and the RS Pro which can reach up to 100 km to take on occasional rough terrains and uneven paths.


The new brushless motor yields 8 percent more efficiency using the same power consumption. There are three riding modes for both for different riding environments – easily switch between Eco, Sport, and Sport+ with the press of a button to provide some of the longest ranges among electric scooter brands in Australia. Both come with multiple brakes and an additional foot brake for extra safety due to the high top speeds. Mearth RS Pro has new tail lights integrated into the rear step-on brakes for visible, stronger resistance against damage.


The king of the road, the Mearth GTS Evo Series provides the most power and performance among tough, heavy-duty electric scooters sold in the market. Imagine the freedom! The sense of adventure! Get it all with the powerfully enhanced and upgraded GTS Evo and GTS Max Evo Series. Unbeatable from the start! Mearth GTS Evo 2023 Series bares its further upgraded power-packed features, performance-driven motors and large battery capacities, allowing its riders to take on longer ranges and different terrains.

Add to that the new, hardcore, durable, wear-resistant off-road tires that use anti-skid and shock-absorbing materials to prevent leaks and damage for a comfortable ride. New suspensions, 2x1000lb spring provide better support and smoother navigation. 

The new Gen Black Motor with 9.5 percent more efficiency. Single motor GTS EVO on-and-off-road king offers a range of up to 70 km and speeds up to 45kph -- on a single charge, while the dual motor and on-and-off-terrain champion GTS MAX EVO provides a range of up to 100 km, and speeds up to 70kph -- on a single charge. Strong braking power of the disc brakes strong grip and responsiveness help ensure the rider’s safety and protection on every trip.



And then, there’s Mearth’s futuristic Cyber electric scooter. Powerful, heavy-duty, hardwearing, sturdy, robust and tough, with both off-road capability and all-terrain capability. It has a built-in advanced program for enhanced riding experience. Cyber runs a maximum speed of 75 km/hr (default is still 25 km/hr in accordance to Australian laws) with its Trigger Throttle. 

Actual weight is 39 kg. Highly responsive, Mearth Cyber can swiftly adjust the torque which is a twisting force that helps to cause rotation. Built with a rated 3200W brushless HUB Dual Motor with a peak power of 4000W, the Cyber also has built-in Sine-wave controllers, the most technologically advanced controllers available to power an electric scooter as it connects all the electrical parts of the e-scooter together.

Enhanced and protected by a secure Anti-Theft System, Mearth Cyber allows its owner/rider to set-up a password that respond only at owner/rider’s command.

Further more, its built-in front and rear Nutt/Zoom hydraulic brakes + ABS Braking System ensure spot on, actual brake action.

Mearth Cyber can climb a slope, with a climbing grade of 70 percent and is capable of reaching the maximum range of 75 km/h. It is very capable of carrying a massive load of up to 180 kg. Highly water-resistant with an IP Rating IP54.


Mearth top-tier electric scooters are now featured in Kogan's online store, what an easy and convenient way to shop for Mearth, your favorite e-scooter brand, any time of the day.