How to Increase the Range of Your Electric Scooter

How to Increase the Range of Your Electric Scooter

How to Increase the Range of Your Electric Scooter


What are the simple ways you can increase the range of your electric scooter? 

Here are the simplest methods you can do that don’t require any modifications to the scooter.

👉1. Ride in the best possible speed for maximum range. Remember the basic rule: ride in the slower, power-saving modes with a lower-end, budget scooter. Ride faster with a top-quality and more high-end scooter. this is one way to get the best battery life possible. for your e-scooter

👉2. The most important factor that determines the range you will get is the battery. The faster the battery gets drained, the less range you will get. So you need to do more to ensure your battery is still running while riding.

👉3. Turn off all the lights of the scooter when not in use. Turn off too, all unnecessary electronics running so that your battery only needs to worry about is your e-scooter running.

👉4.Clean your electric scooter regularly. Clean the wheels too, thoroughly. Clean your e-scooter's disc brakes, to keep the e-scooter in good condition. Next, clean the battery periodically to avoid dust or trash accumulating around it, as the e-scooter will heat up faster when you drive, making it less efficient. To clean it, just wipe off the dirt or dust with a dry towel or a toothbrush.

👉5. Reduce the weight the scooter has to carry. The more weight your scooter has to carry, the more power it needs to use in a shorter period of time. The more power it uses in less time, the less range you will get.

👉6. Don't compromise your safety just to get more range. Put on all your safety gear when riding, especially your helmet. Travel light as much as possible to get more range. A heavy load on your e-scooter does have an effect on the range.

👉7. Inflate the rear tire of your electric scooter. Check your e-scooter’s recommended tire pressure, and use a pump that can measure the pressure when inflating the tires. The less inflated a tire is, the more its surface touches the ground when riding. So if there is more friction that your scooter has against the ground, it results in less energy efficiency. By inflating the tires, you will help improve your range.

👉8. Be careful though. The more you inflate your tires, the more slippery your ride becomes. If there is less friction the ride is more slippery. Better to keep the tire pressure at the recommended level if you're new to e-scooter riding. This tip doesn’t apply to scooters with solid tires.


👉9. Make sure the brakes are not too tight or causes friction, as you will be using more power to cover the same distance and yet, you will get a reduced range. If you have the rear foot-press brake, make sure there’s nothing stuck between the brake and the wheel where you press the rear fender to get some extra braking, as this will have the same effect as tight brakes.


👉10. Next, check to make sure your brakes are properly set. How? Try spinning the wheels manually and see if any unnecessary friction occurs. Loosen up your brakes a little if there is friction. Try again till it is no longer too tight.

👉11. Never drain the battery completely. All batteries suffer from inevitable wear and tear. It is estimated that lithium-ion batteries (the most common one in scooters) last between two to three years, or around 300 to 500 cycles. If you drain it often, its capacity will be reduced way faster than the normal cycle. What to do to avoid this and extend your battery’s life? Frequently charge it and never drain completely.

👉12. Upgrade the battery. The e-scooter’s battery is the most important factor to get the range you want. Getting a stronger battery (usually with more voltage) can directly give you a boost in range. Take note though, that you can only get a stronger battery if the motor and the controller support voltage levels are much larger than your current battery has.


The Mearth RS is considered the ultimate long-range e-scooter and is very popular. It has a bigger battery and therefore can really give your ride a boost up in range. Many e-scooters in the market don’t have this kind of feature, so choose well. 

Basically, all mechanical parts, including the motor, are subject to wear and tear -- over time, so it is best to take your electric scooter to a professional.