How to Choose an Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

How to Choose an Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults


Electric scooters for adults continue to develop and innovate urban micro-mobility transportation, making e-scooters more inclusive. Specifically, many brands now offer electric scooters for heavy adults. These are usually heavy-duty electric scooters that offer a heavy weight limit and durable material.

However, make sure you know what to look for before you make an electric scooter purchase online. There are plenty of heavy-duty electric scooters in the market, so consider the following factors to find the best one for your riding needs.

Factors to Consider When Buying an E-scooter for Heavy Adults

1. Maximum Load Capacity

An electric scooter for a heavy person should have a heavy maximum load capacity. Average commuter electric scooters offer up to 100 kg (220 lbs) of the weight limit. However, heavy-duty electric scooters provide up to 150 kg (330 lbs) of max load.

When considering an e-scooter’s maximum load, get an e-scooter that has at least a 20 kg allowance. So, if you weigh exactly 100 kg, go for an e-scooter with a max weight limit of 120 kg or more. Giving allowance in the weight limit prevents overloading and still gives your e-scooter more pulling power.

Overall, an e-scooter with a heavy weight limit ensures that the e-scooter doesn’t fall short of performance. After all, the e-scooter will work harder and use more energy to move a heavy load forward.

2. Battery

As mentioned, pulling a heavier load means that the e-scooter will consume more energy. That’s why a large electric scooter battery is important to ensure that you have enough energy to move the rider forward and produce a long range.

Heavy-duty electric scooters usually have over 600Wh battery, which is enough battery energy for heavy riders. High-performance e-scooters have around 1000Wh of battery energy. Calculate the battery energy of an e-scooter by multiplying the voltage (measured in V) and battery capacity (measured in Ah).

Check these values when looking at the battery of an e-scooter to see if the e-scooter has enough juice to carry heavy loads and deliver long ranges.

3. Motor

The electric scooter battery and motor work hand-in-hand to produce a powerful and long-range electric scooter. A large battery should also be paired with a powerful motor to carry heavy loads easily. Fortunately, heavy-duty e-scooters are equipped with large motors. It allows the e-scooter to carry heavy loads and ride different terrains, like uneven roads and steep inclines.

Choose an electric scooter with at least 1000W of motor power, as this provides enough pulling power for heavy rides and different terrains. Moreover, check our quick guide on how much motor power you need to choose the right e-scooter motor for your needs.

4. Tyres

Another factor to consider when choosing an electric scooter for a heavy person is the wheels and tyres. Thicker or bigger tyres are recommended for heavy-duty e-scooters. Bigger tyres offer better stability, making it easy to ride different terrains.

Moreover, using slim tyres will prevent riders from balancing on the e-scooter. After all, there is excessive weight distribution in the e-scooter. The tyres can’t handle the heavy load.

Fortunately, most e-scooters for heavy riders use 10-inch pneumatic tyres as these provide durability and better ride quality. The air-filled tyres provide cushion, as it helps absorb impact while riding. Overall, consider the type and size of the e-scooter to make your rides better.

Learn more about tyres in this ultimate guide to electric scooter tyres.

5. Frame and Material

The frame and materials used will be the foundation of your e-scooter to carry heavier loads. Check the material used for the e-scooter body, and aim to get aviation-grade aluminium, which is a durable metal often used in high-quality e-scooters. Moreover, try to inspect the durability of the e-scooter if you can see a unit in person.

However, note that getting an e-scooter with durable materials means getting a heavier e-scooter. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find an e-scooter that provides portability while also carrying heavy loads. Heavy-duty electric scooters often weigh over 20 kg, which is already heavy for most riders. Keep this in mind if you prefer portability.

6. Suspension

An electric scooter suspension is an e-scooter mechanism that provides better road handling and ride quality. It helps absorb impact from uneven roads, making rides smoother and more comfortable for riders. Most heavy-duty and off-road e-scooters use suspension to improve ride quality when going through rough terrains. 

Heavier riders might feel rattling more, especially in off-road paths. So, a suspension will significantly help make riding better. Always check if an e-scooter uses suspension to ensure better ride quality.

7. Brakes

The best electric scooters for adults provide multiple, strong brakes to make rides safer. Heavy-duty electric scooters ride at high speeds, so getting brakes with a powerful grip will keep you safe during emergencies. Regardless of the type of e-scooter you will buy, always look at the type of brake an e-scooter uses.

Disc brakes offer the best grip, making it the safest type of electric scooter brake for e-scooters. Most off-road and heavy-duty e-scooters use dual disc brakes, fitting for their power and performance.

Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

There are plenty of electric scooters made for heavy riders. Mearth developed the GTS Series to provide high-performance e-scooters with up to 150 kg. This e-scooter consists of the Mearth GTS and GTS MAX. Moreover, both e-scooters are also the best electric scooter for heavy adults with seats. You can attach a seat if you prefer to sit down while riding the Mearth GTS Series.

Aside from their heavy maximum load, the GTS Series also delivers a top speed of 50-70 kph and a max range of 70-100 km. Mearth developed this e-scooter series to ride on any terrain and climb hills with up to 30.0% hill grade. This flagship electric scooter offers one of the best specs for its range for a more affordable price than its competitors.

Overall, the best heavy-duty electric scooter for you is one that offers the max load, specs, and features that solve your concern. Remember that these e-scooters are on the larger and heavier side, so if you prefer a portable e-scooter, it will be difficult to find one that also provides a heavy weight limit. Consider the factors above carefully to choose the best e-scooter for you.

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