How to Adjust Disc Brakes on Mearth Electric Scooters Tutorial (With P

How to Adjust Disc Brakes on Mearth Electric Scooters Tutorial (With Pictures)


Electric scooter disc brakes are considered the safest and best type of e-scooter brake due to their responsiveness and strong braking power. Disc brakes are often seen in higher-powered and premium e-scooters given their reliability and safety. For example, all Mearth electric scooters use disc brakes. This type of brake system is perfect for those who look at safety when choosing an e-scooter.

However, note that all types of brakes may encounter some damage or issues, depending on how you care for them. One of the most common disc brake concerns includes a misaligned disc brake, which results in a rubbing noise when running.

This electric scooter guide provides detailed instructions for adjusting the disc brakes of an adult electric scooter. You may apply this quick guide on any Mearth electric scooter, from the Mearth S Series to the Mearth GTS Series. The step-by-step guide below features the Mearth RS Series. However, e-scooter owners of similarly-built models may use this guide as a reference.

If you find it difficult to follow the steps below, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional for your convenience and safety. Always have a mechanic look into your e-scooter for difficult repairs.

Click here for a video tutorial instead.

How to Adjust Disc Brakes on Electric Scooters

Follow this quick and easy five-step guide on how to adjust electric scooter brakes to help you resolve your e-scooter concern. Always be careful when touching or repairing e-scooter components to keep you and your unit safe.

1. Prepare the E-scooter for Adjustment

Place your Mearth electric scooter on top of a table or an elevated and flat surface. Position it upright to make it easier for you to see and reach the parts of your e-scooter. Make sure that the e-scooter is stable to prevent it from falling onto you.

2. Identify the Problem

After preparing your e-scooter for maintenance, confirm if you need to adjust the brakes. Turn on your e-scooter, and test the e-scooter wheels. If you hear a rubbing noise from the disc brakes, it means that the disc is touching the edges, and you need to adjust it. It is the most common issue with disc brakes.

If you are not sure what a rubbing noise sounds like, check our video guide to listen to the sound it usually makes.

Aside from testing the e-scooter and listening to the sound, adjust the brakes if you see the disc touching the edge of the calliper as seen in the image above. Make sure to turn off the e-scooter before you start working on the adjustment.

3. Slightly Loosen the Two Screws on the Calliper

After you are sure that you need to adjust the disc brakes, use an Allen wrench to loosen the top and bottom screws of the calliper slightly. Remember that you don’t need to loosen it completely. Just a few twists per screw will do.

Once you loosen the screws, you should be able to move the calliper to the left and right slightly. 

4. Make Sure the Disc Doesn’t Touch the Calliper

Move the calliper accordingly, making sure that the disc doesn’t touch the edges of the calliper. Aim to place it at the centre of the gap. 

Once you find the right position, tighten the two screws again while holding the new position in place. If it becomes difficult to position the calliper while tightening the screws, ask for someone to hold the calliper or twist the screw for you.

5. Test the E-scooter

After tightening the screws, turn on the e-scooter, and run the wheels again. If you positioned the calliper properly, you should no longer hear a rubbing noise. Make sure to test the brakes, too, to see if it works well.

If you still hear a rubbing noise when testing your e-scooter, you can also check another quick guide about how to adjust loose mechanical brakes. However, it is always best to have your electric scooter checked by a professional.

If you need help with repairing or maintaining your Mearth electric scooter, don’t hesitate to request a repair via our website. Complete the details in the form and wait for our team to help you with your concern. Our expert mechanics are always ready to help with your e-scooter needs!

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