How Mearth Electric Scooters Make Commutes Easier and Safer

How Mearth Electric Scooters Make Commutes Easier and Safer


If you are considering buying an electric scooter for adults, you will find that there are already plenty of e-scooter brands available in the market. Moreover, only a few Australian e-scooter brands make it to the local market.

Mearth is one of the first e-scooter developers producing locally-designed e-scooters. Since its inception in 2015, the brand has produced various e-scooter ranges that cater to different commuter needs. Overall, Mearth electric scooters aim to make commutes easier and safer by providing necessary and unique specs and features for riders.

Before you buy an electric scooter online, learn more about how Mearth electric scooters equip riders with efficient, fun, and safe commutes.

Portable Weight and Size

Most commuters prefer riding electric scooters due to their lightweight, compact, and foldable design. E-scooters make it easy to go anywhere without the hassles of looking for a parking space or paying for one. Plus, their size enables riders to take narrower but shorter routes to their destination.

Mearth introduces the Mearth S Series and Mearth RS Series, which offer portable electric scooters to make travelling more convenient for commuters. The S Series offers the most compact and lightest between the two e-scooter lines, with the Mearth S weighing 12.5 kg and the Mearth S Pro weighing 15 kg. Meanwhile, the Mearth RS Series weighs 23 kg. 

Moreover, these two e-scooter series are designed with a compact size and quick folding mechanism for your convenience. These features make it easy to fold and unfold the e-scooter, bring them anywhere, and store them in small spaces. Overall, these Mearth electric scooters are efficient e-scooters designed with practicality in mind.


Long Ranges

The average commuter electric scooter can travel up to 25 km. However, the actual electric scooter range differs depending on several factors, like riding style and terrain. That’s why Mearth offers more range per charge to support riders for longer distances. The Mearth RS Series and Mearth GTS Series provide some of the longest ranges among electric scooters in Australia.

The Mearth RS Series, in particular, offers up to 65 km of range with the Mearth RS and up to 100 km of range with the Mearth RS Pro. The e-scooter line offers the ultimate commuter e-scooter that is on par with international e-scooter brands of the same range. Other notable specs of the RS Series include a top speed of up to 40 kph, a max load of 100 kg, and 10-inch pneumatic tyres.

Meanwhile, riders who need more power alongside the extra range will find the Mearth GTS and GTS MAX enough for daily commutes and off-roading. The GTS offers a range of up to 70 km in a single charge, while the GTS MAX provides a range of up to 100 km in a single charge.

However, the compact Mearth S Series is also a notable contender for long-range riding, given its swappable battery system. Although the S Pro only provides up to 45 km of range per charge, the easy and quick switchable battery system enables riders to extend their trips as long as they need. Carrying multiple batteries allows you to double or triple your range whenever and wherever. Overall, Mearth made sure that e-scooter riders can travel farther and further.

Sufficient Power

When it comes to power and battery charge, Mearht ensures riders that you get the best electric scooter for adults in the market. The Mearth RS Series and GTS Series uses performance-driven motors and large battery capacities, allowing you to take on longer ranges and different terrains.

The Mearth RS electric scooter features a rated motor power of 500W and a battery capacity of 36V 561.6Wh. Meanwhile, the RS Pro produces a rated motor output of 850W and uses a battery capacity of 48V/748.8Wh. This power and battery capacity is enough to take on occasional rough terrains and uneven paths.

Meanwhile, the Mearth GTS Series provides the most power and performance among the Mearth electric scooters. The Mearth GTS produces a 1000W motor power and uses a 13Ah battery, while the GTS MAX features dual 1200W motors and uses a large 20.4Ah battery. As a result, the GTS delivers up to 70 km and up to 45 kph. On the other hand, the GTS MAX delivers up to 100 km and up to 70 kph.

Pair these e-scooters with 10-inch pneumatic tyres, and you have a multi-terrain e-scooter that goes the extra mile.

Reliable Disc Brakes

Most electric scooters for adults use drum brakes and foot brakes, which are already enough for low-speed rides. However, all Mearth electric scooters come with disc brakes to provide extra safety on the road. Electric scooter disc brakes are considered the safest type of brake to use due to their strong grip and responsiveness. That’s why Mearth uses them to offer better safety while riding.

The Mearth S Series features a rear disc brake, which is enough for its top speed. Meanwhile, both the Mearth RS and GTS Series are equipped with dual disc brakes for extra safety due to their high top speeds. Besides this, all Mearth electric scooters come with multiple brakes, like an additional foot brake.

A Mission to Redefine Transportation

Mearth separates itself from other e-scooter brands by designing and developing features that cater to specific rider needs. All of the brand’s e-scooters focus on solving commuter concerns, making e-scooter riding more efficient, practical, sustainable, and safer. In addition, Mearth brings quality e-scooters with great value for money. Ultimately, Mearth aims to redefine transportation by offering well-designed, green, and affordable electric scooters in Australia.