Gotham's Avenger, All-New Batman E-Scooter takes Centerstage | Mearth Electric Scooter

Gotham's Avenger, All-New Batman E-Scooter takes Centerstage


Enter the realm of cutting-edge technology and ride through city streets like the fearless, crime-busting Gotham City’s Avenger.

Indeed, the cutting-edge technology of the future has arrived, today:


The all-new Batman E-Scooter by Mearth.

 Well-built, robust, hard-wearing, powerful, compelling and ready to prevail over clear and present hurdles.

The all-new Batman Electric Scooter by Mearth and DC Comics exclusive limited edition 

It's most certain to become part of countless avid DC comics collectors’ treasure trove. 

Without a doubt, the all-new Batman E-Scooter by Mearth will come down as a valuable find, a precious memento in comics history.


And this is what makes the exclusive partnership between Mearth and DC Comics a most prized collaboration of the year! Add to that the exciting cooperation between Mearth and McDonald’s Monopoly as major prize sponsors in this year’s McDonald’s Monopoly 2023 in-store promotion all over Australia.


How To Join and Play Mcdonald’s Monopoly:

First things first, download the McDonald’s app and set up an account. This is where you will be able to redeem your prizes and collect your properties, and also enable you to track how far you have to go -- until you win.

For every order of an eligible item from the menu, you’ll get to collect pieces that will either be:

1. Instant Win
- If you pull an Instant Win card then you win the prize on the token.

2. Chance Cards
– they are like bonus cards where must enter the code for them on the app, then you’ll either receive a property card or an instant win.

3. Collect to Win
- This is the third type of token you’ll get – property. There are different prizes to be won through Collect & Win – one for each set of properties, including the stations.


Millions of prizes can be won in the McDonald's Monopoly. And there is nothing to stop you from claiming more than one prize, if you’re lucky, just by playing McDonald’s Monopoly.


Presenting the amazing and incredible features of The all-new Batman E-Scooter by Mearth:

• Well equipped with a strong 3200W brushless HUB Dual Motor, capable of releasing a peak power of 4000W.

• It has advanced Sine-wave controllers, a cutting-edge technology that synchronizes every component for unparalleled performance.

• Reinforced with a sophisticated Anti-Theft System, to safeguard your ride with a personalized password.

• The robust front and rear suspensions bolster resolute resistance on the road.

• Hard-wearing 10” pneumatic tires resist undesirable odds -- cement, mud, gravel, and more, with ease.

• Powered by a 60V 26Ah battery with 4A Fast Charge Technology that ensures swift charging – really fast.

• Superior Nutt/Zoom hydraulic brakes + ABS Braking System, for prompt, precise control and stopping power.

• Moves furiously fast through the streets at a maximum speed of 75 km/hr (default capped at 25 km/hr in line with regulations).

• Surmounts inclines with its amazing climbing grade of 70%.

• Can easily carry a weight load of up to 180 kg - a brute force to be reckoned with.

• Its IP54 water-resistant rating provides the rider with enhanced shield and better protection against the elements.

• Take on trips that go up to 75 km, energized by the compelling call of adventure.

• Easily customize your ride with the adjustable torque, for better control of the twisting force.

• Built from 6000 Series Aero-grade Aluminum Alloy, the Batman E-Scooter is cloaked in a sleek matte black finish for an imposing aura with red vibrant highlights all throughout its appearance to heighten visibility and cool exterior.

• The iconic lights illuminate one’s journey, beaming up the night with its startling radiance.

• The inter-changing colors of the 'Mearth' logo on the Batman Scooter’s stem and the Batarang Pattern on both sides of the deck add a daring touch to the design.

• The front LED lights produce a powerful shaft of brightness emanating from a Batman mold.

• The distinct red and sleek Batman logo rests on the deck, enhancing the scooter's epic structure.

• Its prominent brake lights and turning lights ensure the safety of the rider.

• Be swept away by Bruce Wayne Industries’ logo accents, gleaming on the main screen, and front and back footrests.

• The back footrest is also prominently designed with a Batman horn.

• Central Color Display provides a futuristic touch while displaying information in style.

• The 3.5-inch Thin-Film-Transistor colorful matrix screen adds a unique flair to the Batman Scooter by Mearth.



The all-new Batman Electric Scooter by Mearth. Now is the opportune moment to respond to Gotham City's cybernetic Avenger call. Cleave unto the power of every ride, ride through and over uncharted terrains, unlimited.