Beam and Neuron Chosen for Canberra E-Scooter Trial in September | Mearth Electric Scooter

Beam and Neuron Chosen for Canberra E-Scooter Trial in September

Beam and Neuron have secured permits to operate in Canberra E-scooter trial this September. Each scooter-sharing scheme will provide up to 750 electric scooters. The exact locations are yet to be finalized, but they are expected to be available in the inner north, inner south, and one other region in the city. 

According to Khoa Pham, General Manager of Beam Mobility of Australia and New Zealand, they will be providing their most advanced e-scooter Saturn+ and virtual docking technology. The company is the largest micro-mobility company in the Asia Pacific with operations in Bunbury. 

On the other hand, Zachary Wang, CEO of Neuron Mobility, promises that they will work closely with the government to tailor their services for Canberra’s needs, including creating slow zones, no parking zones, and no go zones using geofencing technology. Neuron is currently the leading e-scooter operator in Australia and New Zealand. 

The ACT government sent expressions of interest last August to look at how electric scooters can be allowed in public in a way that follows road traffic rules. “The ACT government will now work with the two successful operators to finalise the operational arrangements to ensure the scheme is rolled out to be safe, convenient and accessible,” said Transport Minister Chris Steel. 

Electric scooters were legalized in Canberra in December last year. Electric scooters are allowed in footpaths (15 km/h) and shared paths (25 km/h).