A smile. A kiss. A hug…and a Mearth electric scooter

A smile. A kiss. A hug…and a Mearth electric scooter


A special limited Father’s Day offer this August for the special hero in your life.

These are telling signs of love and affection.
Gestures of appreciation speak loudest and fondly on Father’s Day.
Like animated chatter and ice cream sundaes.
Or quiet rides and easy strolls in the park.
Feeling the waft of cool breeze and
the warm glow of sunset while crossing the boroughs…
Moments become more meaningful
when the bond is special and a father’s care is strong.

Make the occasion more memorable.
Ride in tandem. Choose a Mearth electric scooter.
Make every trip an unforgettable adventure.
Make every trip a thrill to remember with
Mearth GTS Max and Mearth S electric scooters.

To avail of the exclusive Father’s Day offer,
buy the road champion GTS MAX electric scooter for only $2599
– and get the best-loved Mearth S electric scooter FREE!

Mearth GTS MAX is the ultimate dual motor city and off-road king!

A superior, high-performance foldable electric scooter
that offers an unbeatable travel experience for its rider.
Designed for power, speed, and off-road capabilities,
featuring a robust build and powerful battery,
the Mearth GTS MAX is the perfect companion both on the road and off.
From rough terrains to long-distance travels,
the Mearth GTS Max offers unlimited possibilities.

Built with high-quality materials and powerful technology
to give riders endless capabilities on-and-off-the-road.
Fully upgraded, this off-road king comes with an extra enhanced
premium aluminum frame capable of matching your extreme
And exciting riding adventures!

Cruise at 25km/h (in line with Australia's public safety regulations)
and up to 70km/h (on private property), with a load range of up to 150kg.

Mearth S is perfect as an entry-level electric scooter to give to your kiddo
who’s yearning to have his/her own e-scooter.

The Mearth S has a slim frame and minimalist black design with red accents.
It gives a very sleek and modern design that is very appealing.
It has a 12.5 kg net weight, and it has a compact size of 1073 x 420 x 450 mm.
Its one-second folding mechanism also makes it easy to fold and keep.
And adding to its portability, the Mearth S is a very convenient electric scooter to have.
Assuredly the lightest and most compact e-scooter on the market.

Overall, the Mearth S offers a stylish comfortable scooter,
from its intuitive handles to the wide deck.
Its highlight is its swappable battery system.
Riders can simply switch to a new battery and extend their trip
every time their current battery runs out.
The Mearth S electric scooter is perfect for long commutes
or even long travels for leisure – and especially for bonding.

Don’t tarry, hurry! This limited special promo only for fathers is good until
the campaign period only. For more details, check out the Mearth website.