A Partnership with Great Expectations | Mearth Electric Scooter

A Partnership with Great Expectations

Decathlon and Mearth


DECATHLON, the French high-quality apparel brand renowned across continents recently forged partnership with Australia’s own well-loved and esteemed brand MEARTH-- state-of-the-art, leading edge, high-performing electric scooters. Mearth Technology, the producer of these top-tier personal mobility devices namely, Mearth S Series entry-level scooters, RS Series long-range e-scooters, GTS Evo Series, 2023 upgrade models takes pride and distinction in the said collaboration. Mearth is a socially responsible company that aims to uplift the lives and lifestyles of commuters by providing an alternative mode of transport that is environment-friendly and promotes sustainability.  

Decathlon has more than 86 sports in its international portfolio and 70 more in France. Established by French billionaire Michel Leclercqin in 1976, the France-based sports retailer has over 1600 stores in more than 50 countries spread across 5 continents. Decathlon put their customers at the heart of their growth strategy. They have built the world’s largest sporting goods company by championing a consumer-centric approach through innovation, technology, and rapid expansion, and its strategy integrates brand design, innovation, and customer service to allow maximum efficiency. 

Mearth, in partnership with Decathlon held a successful month-long in-store raffle promo for a limited time, through its opening salvo, and launched an in-store activity. The exclusive raffle campaign shored up customer curiosity and participation, just in time for the forthcoming holiday season.

A single purchase of over $100 either in-store or online at Decathlon entitled a customer to a raffle stub. The promo was open to all, male or female, ages 18 and up. 

The seven hot wheels to win in the raffle promo campaign by Decathlon and Mearth gave away seven top-notch electric scooters. The giveaway prize pack included either a: Mearth RS long-rangee-scooter and an Airlite helmet, or a Mearth S Pro and a Nutshell helmet. 

The Mearth S Pro commuter e-scooter and the Mearth RS long-range e-scooter are unanimously lauded by their respective e-scooter owners and riders as “portable, compact, powerful, durable, superior quality and high-performing electric scooters.” 

As the days and weeks rolled by, growing excitement was evident as curious inquiries swelled. When the raffle draw date came last November 2022, there were resounding yes! and oohs and aahhs from the overjoyed winners and wistful shoppers. 

The raffle promo buoyed up added interest and familiarity for the brand Mearth. And it is but a start. There are intended collaborative engagement is foreseen to be beneficial for both brands. It is anticipated that 2023 will yield more opportunities to strengthen the partnership between the two brand leaders – Decathlon and Mearth, whose values and vision complement each other.