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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an E-scooter


Electric scooters for adults are cheaper than a car or motorcycle. However, buying the wrong one will be a waste of time and money. After all, an e-scooter is also an investment. Treat buying an e-scooter like buying a car since this is also a big purchase. To find the right e-scooter for you, you should not only know what to do but also what NOT to do. Before you buy an electric scooter online, read these five common mistakes to avoid when buying an e-scooter.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an E-scooter

1. Failing to Do Enough Research

Before buying an electric scooter, make sure to read about various electric scooter guides. Know the function and purpose of an electric scooter and learn about the different kinds of electric scooters available.

Moreover, don’t think that there is an e-scooter that offers everything that you need. Electric scooters are categorised according to budget and function. Electric scooters that cost less offer less performance and features. Similarly, more expensive e-scooters provide higher specs and more features.

In addition, some electric scooters are built for portable, providing a lightweight and compact e-scooter but with fewer specs. On the other hand, some offer powerful batteries and motors but with the expense of heavier e-scooters.

Consider the range, motor power, battery capacity, durability, safety, and design of an e-scooter to help you learn more about e-scooters and narrow down your choices. In addition, determine the specs and features that you need when riding an e-scooter. Knowing if you prefer a performance-driven e-scooter or a lightweight e-scooter will help you find a more suitable ride.

Remember that the market is saturated with different e-scooter models. Here are 5 things to look for when buying your first electric scooter

2. Not Checking Your City’s Electric Scooter Laws

Since the rise of electric scooters, many governing authorities have studied and implemented rules and regulations to keep e-scooter riders safe. Unfortunately, since e-scooters are relatively new, some have yet to finalise their guidelines. Moreover, e-scooter laws globally are still changing since these devices continue to develop.

Knowing your city’s electric scooter laws is crucial before buying an electric scooter. Most states in Australia allow electric scooters in public. However, most states limit the specs for those who will ride private e-scooters in public. ACT and Queensland are the only states that allow private e-scooters without any specs limit.

If you buy an e-scooter without checking if your city allows private e-scooters in public paths, you might waste your money if your city prohibits riding them in public. If your city requires e-scooters to have specific specs, consider this when buying an e-scooter. Overall, make sure to learn your city’s e-scooter law to know the requirements for riding them, the speed limit, and the corresponding penalties. Read the electric scooter laws in Australia per state.

3. Not Reading the Fine Print

When buying an electric scooter, keep in mind that the electric scooter info and specs that manufacturers claim don’t reflect the actual performance of the e-scooter. For example, most manufacturers place a fine print when stating the maximum range of an electric scooter. If an e-scooter claims to reach a maximum range of 25 km, expect it to do less in reality.

These figures are often based on tests done under ideal conditions. It means the e-scooters were riding at a constant speed on a flat and smooth path with no obstructions. In real riding conditions, these factors are difficult to come by. Therefore, it is almost impossible to get the exact max range. However, does this mean that the advertised max range is false? No. It is the highest range possible if you meet all the conditions as the lab test. When checking for e-scooter models, always read the fine print.

4. Forgetting to Take a Test Ride

As mentioned, treat buying an e-scooter like buying a car. It may just be an e-scooter, but taking an e-scooter for a test ride will allow you to see if it delivers the performance and ride quality that you need. Plus, you get to see if you can maneuver it properly and if the speed is right for you.

If you don’t test an e-scooter, you might find the e-scooter too slow or too weak and vice versa. Also, you might find that some e-scooters have weirdly-spaced handlebars, less grip, or narrow decks when you try it. Seeing the e-scooter up close and taking it for a ride will allow you to notice nuances that might make your ride less convenient.

Many e-scooter retailers offer test rides, so don’t miss the chance to test an e-scooter. If you want to test ride any of our Mearth electric scooters, schedule a test drive at our Sydney office for free. Select your preferred date, time, and e-scooter model and drop by our office at Unit 1 Workit Spaces, Unit B1/13 21 Mandible St., Alexandria, New South Wales.

5. Buying an E-scooter Without Warranty or Local Service

Lastly, the final mistake to avoid when buying an e-scooter is not asking for a warranty or local service. A reliable and legitimate electric scooter retailer always offers a warranty or repair service in case of factory defects or damages to your e-scooter. The warranty protects you in case you receive a faulty unit. If a retailer or brand doesn’t offer a warranty, avoid buying from them.

Moreover, choose e-scooter warranties wisely. Most retailers offer up to a year of warranty, while a few stores offer up to two years of warranty for the e-scooter parts. For example, Mearth offers up to two years of warranty for the e-scooter frame and one year of warranty for the battery, motor, main body, and controller of any Mearth e-scooter. Read more about our Warranty Policy

In addition, know if the retailer offers repair services in case you damage your e-scooter. If you encounter a flat tyre or a damaged battery, you can easily get it repaired by them. Overall, consider the warranty and after-sales service when buying an electric scooter.

Choose an Electric Scooter Wisely

Those are five mistakes to avoid when buying an e-scooter. Don’t make these common mistakes to avoid wasting your time and money on the wrong e-scooter. Choose an electric scooter carefully, and find the one that gives the best value for your money. 

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