This is probably the most important question right now. Ask yourself and be honest with your answers because it is your money, it is your life and your decision to make.

Is it because your friends got theirs? Is it because it looks cool? Is it because you just want it for no reason at all. If these are your reasons then you shouldn’t consider acquiring one. You will just be wasting your money. Now, why are we saying that? Let us give you our reason why we created our brand of electric scooter to educate and maybe help you make a decision.

We created Mearth electric scooters because of the worsening traffic condition, high parking fees, gasoline expenses, car maintenance expenses, which make us lose more money right? But the most important reason is TIME. Why? If you are working for a company and you are late most of the time, you are not just losing time but you are also losing money, losing your credibility and integrity as an employee. Of course, none of us would want that. If you are still a student, it is the same thing. You lost the chance of learning by being late and missing important topics or discussion. You also lost money you spent for your education by being late. All of this in mind, Mearth electric scooters was created.

Electric Scooter benefits

So why an electric scooter? Electric scooters are very compact and reliable. You don’t need gasoline to run it. You don’t need a parking space. You don’t get stuck in traffic and you don’t have a high maintenance cost. Again, the most important thing is, you save TIME. You can bring it almost everywhere. Just fold it and bring it with you. That’s how simple it is.

Folded Electric Scooter

Now, why should you choose Mearth X (our escooter) over other brands?

The answer is simple.

As one of the pioneers in Australia, we take great pride in the quality of the products and services we provide. This is why we have gone to the extremes to build our dream. We have created a top of the line machine that keeps moving with you and our planet. We believe that ​for a country that is active, we need a travel companion that takes us to our destination earlier or on time with fun. We are sitting in a public transportation and the terrible traffic makes us miss out on the stuff that matters like family and a work-life balance that maintains people mentally and emotionally fit and ready for the next day of work. ​

We are an ​Australian operated company​ we know from first-hand experience what being stuck in public transportation or traffic is like. We are big on ​great customer service because​ it is a big part of who we are. We want you to be able to keep in contact with us- with positive or constructive feedback. We are a company that meets our customer’s needs and we understand that the customer inquiries will always be different, that’s why we try our very best to meet everyone’s expectations of service.

We at ​Mearth​ believes that you should be able to come in and have a face to face conversation with a member of our team that will be able to help you and assist with any inquiries you may have. We are located in Sydney CBD. We​ trust our product ​so much that our Return Policy is 30 days. We have recently updated our return/ refund policy to 30 days from 14 to allow you to have more time to see if the product meets the expectation and if it is the right product for your needs. We also have FREE SHIPPING​ Australia wide (*scooters only).

Unfolded Electric Scooter

The Mearth X was built with the aim to provide an enjoyable and relaxing ride to all riders- this is why we went above and beyond with the selection of our features. The frame of the Mearth X is built out of ​Aero-Grade Aluminum​ to create a machine that works with you and the one that lasts. The Mearth X also features a ​Kick Folding System making it easy and simple for you, so you can keep moving. To provide you with the most comfortable ride, we included a ​Dual Suspension​ which is designed to absorb and damp shock impulses to follow the comfortable ride.

Dual Suspension Electric Scooter

We also added a ​Skid Resistance Deck​ with a premium quality rubber. The pattern on the deck helps in providing a good grip to the rider.

What do our customers say?

Peter Legge

“​Bought one as a Christmas present and My son loves the scooter. Finally, he is now leaving the Ipad behind, for that 5 stars. But now there is another problem, my daughter is asking for one. I can see that it is very well made, I am quite heavy and I ride it for grocery somedays, and it handles well.”

Patrycja Bialek

“​I got my new Mearth X!!! I was very thankful I chose this e-scooter, really really love it. A friend of mine has his scooter with a different brand, then last Monday we both used our scooters and guess what? His scooter died, while mine has 3 bars left. I was laughing all the way. Great job Mearth!”

David Sandomierski

“​Great customer service and helpful team. After weeks of research and upgrading from the Mearth Lite2 (Purchased 2nd hand from gumtree), I decided to upgrade to a new MearthX which I received the same day and had the most fun commute home ever – It can maintain a speed above 20km/h and also go up slight hills with ease. I highly recommend the MearthX and am excited to see what else Mearth will bring to the table in the future!”

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