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Electric Scooters Provide Safer Transportation During Covid-19

By Gale | Sep 8, 2020

Electric scooters are convenient and practical personal transport vehicles. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic where social distancing is very important, this alternative mode of transportation is all the more necessary. Electric scooters aren’t legal in all states, unfortunately. Electric scooter Adelaide citizens would have been using by now for essential trips aren’t street […]

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How to Get More Mileage from your Electric Scooter Battery

By Gale | Sep 3, 2020

Your electric scooter is powered by a pack of batteries that look similar to your regular double A’s but bigger, which tells us how far the technology has come. It’s not going to make a hoverboard really hover, but it’s a crucial component to the birth of the modern electric scooter.  Electric scooters use lithium-ion […]

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Canberra to Join Cities with E-Scooter Sharing this August

By Mearth | Aug 18, 2020

The application to operate dockless electric scooter sharing schemes in Canberra closed last Monday. The ACT government is conducting a new trial to look at how electric scooters can be allowed in public land in a way that complies with road rules. Canberrans may finally be able to rent an electric scooter this August as […]

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What Type of Helmet do I Need for my Electric Scooter?

By Mearth | Aug 11, 2020

Yes, you need to wear a helmet for riding an electric scooter. Even if you’re just using an electric scooter for buying a few things at 711 a kilometer or two away, safety is still very important. There is no helmet specifically made for electric scooters, but there are different types of helmets for bikes […]

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Hello world!

By Mearth | Aug 5, 2020

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Lime Scooters to Roll into Brisbane’s Suburbs

By Mearth | Aug 4, 2020

Electric scooter rental company Lime is changing its focus from central business districts to the suburbs of Brisbane in the coming days. Yes, electric scooters are now spreading from the city streets to your neighborhood. Lime previously pulled out its electric scooters for hire at the start of the coronavirus pandemic but is now continuing […]

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How to Find the Right Electric Scooter Based on Your Commute

By Mearth | Jul 28, 2020

There is no perfect electric scooter. But you can find one that meets your daily commuting needs. Your electric scooter of choice should be able to withstand your roads and run long enough for your travel, without sacrificing safety and comfort. The best way to find out which electric scooter fits you is by taking […]

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Why the Electric Scooter is the Best Portable Vehicle for your Commute

By Mearth | Jul 21, 2020

Personal electric vehicles weren’t off to a good start. The first Segway model looked dorky (officially retired on July 15), and it didn’t help that its CEO fell off a cliff using one. Rideable technology has improved ever since, thanks to small yet powerful motors coupled with denser batteries.  Hoverboards, monowheels, and electric scooters appeared. […]

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Если вы там, всегда может быть момент, когда вы найдете свет », – заключил он.

By Mearth | Jul 20, 2020

Если вы там, всегда может быть момент, когда вы найдете свет », – заключил он. Опять спорная игра и матч, перешедший на тай-брейк. И не было соперника Надаля, который включил молотковый режим и выиграл с громким счетом 1-7. Во втором раунде все изменилось, и Надаль начал с того, что сломал подачу Пеллы. И хотя испанец […]

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