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How to set up for a Great Christmas: Top 10 Unique Gift Ideas

By Mearth | Nov 28, 2019

Looking for unique Christmas gift ideas? Whether it’s the latest phone or the best flying drone, you can never go wrong by giving your loved ones something “state of the art”.  Here are our top 10 tech gift suggestions that everyone, especially tech lovers, would enjoy. 1. Mearth X Pro Electric Scooter with electric scooter […]

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Best E-Scooter in Australia | Introducing the Mearth X Pro

By Mearth | Oct 9, 2019

Our latest scooter, the Mearth X Pro, is one of our finest scooters, with the latest upgrades and cutting edge technology. Featuring our new QLED display screen and external battery; this is our best-performing electric scooter built for performance and comfort. At $849, the Mearth X Pro is a great deal. Features Range: 45km with […]

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Why Are You Buying An Electric Scooter?

By Mearth | Jun 21, 2019

Updated on 06 May 2020 This is probably the most important question right now. Why are you buying an electric scooter? Ask yourself and be honest with your answers because it is your money you are spending. To decide on the value of something is a distinctive process. Things that are good for your friends, […]

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Which electric scooter should I get?

By Mearth | May 27, 2019

As the popularity of electric scooters rises, more and more options are hitting the market. However, which is the right one for you? Are design and parts important, or maybe the price is the primary factor? Whatever your pre-determined needs in features may be, there are some things you will want to consider before making […]

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Weekend Bike Rides in Sydney

By Mearth | Jan 7, 2019

Bike rides are the perfect meditation for bike lovers. We have made a perfect list of places you can ride your E-Bike. Well, besides using the Ebike for your daily commute and errands, why not bring it out on family outings, or even use it, to do some sightseeing around Sydney and enjoy some of […]

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15 tips to survive on the road using your Electric Bike

By Mearth | Dec 13, 2018

Riding an electric bike has gained popularity due to its health benefits and the numerous opportunities it brings to your social circle, which helps you to stay happy and energetic while meeting amazing people. Some folks say cycling is a very addictive sport. I’d say that’s not too far off. In this blog, I’ll be […]

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Mearth History

By Mearth | Dec 13, 2018

In 2016, two engineers with different backgrounds came together with one goal in mind – the creation of the most innovative and stylish Electric scooter available on the market. Their primary challenge was discovering how they could utilize their technical expertise to discover new ground to make a breakthrough. They looked at the simplicity of […]

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Benefits of Mearth E-Bike ZERO

By Mearth | Nov 12, 2018

Sydney is a beautiful and wonderful place to live in, however, let’s face it, the commute to university or work can sometimes be a nightmare indeed. Why not dodge the peak hour traffic jams and escape the overcrowded buses and trains? The Mearth E-Bike ZERO is literally the ultimate lifehack for students and working professionals as you […]

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Foldable Electric Scooter of Mearth,

By Mearth | Sep 28, 2018

Nothing is more exciting or enjoyable than riding around on your own foldable electric scooter for a fun day out in the sunshine and open air. For young people in Australia in the 21st century, the Mearth electric scooter is the ultimate cool invention in scooter engineering, boasting state of the art technology, cool design […]

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