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Beam’s Purple Portable Electric Scooters Arrive in Canberra

By support | Oct 20, 2020

Canberrans can now rent orange or purple electric scooters to participate in the city’s E-scooter trial program. Beam Mobility launched its e-scooter service with a distinct colour of their own,  a few weeks after Neuron Mobility started.  “[Neuron launching first] shows that there is appetite and there’s been a big uptake and it’s shown how […]

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The Electric Scooter Buying Guide for Beginners

By Gale | Oct 20, 2020

There’s no doubt that electric scooters for adults are a practical alternative for public transportation, even in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic.  While e-scooter sharing companies have unintentionally created a bad reputation for electric scooters, it can’t be denied that buying one for yourself is a worthwhile long-term investment.  Here’s a quick and easy […]

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How the Electric Scooter Took Over the World

By Gale | Oct 13, 2020

Throughout history, the electric scooter has appeared in the streets without warning. It’s a persistent idea that comes and goes, driven by novelty, misspent youth, and the inventors who saw the potential in it. Two centuries later, the electric scooter finally found its niche as personal transport for commuters.  Where did the electric scooter come […]

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Adelaide E-Scooter Trial Extended Until October

By Gale | Oct 6, 2020

Adelaide electric scooter trial has been extended until the end of the month. The e-scooter sharing program started in February 2020, which allowed Ride and Neuron to operate in Adelaide CBD and North Adelaide. Locals who want to participate in the e-scooter trial must be at least 18 years old. Driver’s license and learner’s permit […]

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What Type of Electric Scooter Tyres Should I Look For?

By Gale | Sep 22, 2020

Electric scooter tyres have a big impact on your overall riding experience. When buying an electric scooter, it’s very important to know what to expect with the kind of tyres you’re getting. Electric scooter brands offer different tyre configurations, but overall, it really depends on the price range. What type of electric scooter should you […]

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Beam and Neuron Chosen for Canberra E-Scooter Trial in September

By Gale | Sep 15, 2020

Beam and Neuron have secured permits to operate in Canberra E-scooter trial this September. Each scooter-sharing scheme will provide up to 750 electric scooters. The exact locations are yet to be finalized, but they are expected to be available in the inner north, inner south, and one other region in the city.  According to Khoa […]

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Electric Scooters Provide Safer Transportation During Covid-19

By Gale | Sep 8, 2020

Electric scooters are convenient and practical personal transport vehicles. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic where social distancing is very important, this alternative mode of transportation is all the more necessary. Electric scooters aren’t legal in all states, unfortunately. Electric scooter Adelaide citizens would have been using by now for essential trips aren’t street […]

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How to Get More Mileage from your Electric Scooter Battery

By Gale | Sep 3, 2020

Your electric scooter is powered by a pack of batteries that look similar to your regular double A’s but bigger, which tells us how far the technology has come. It’s not going to make a hoverboard really hover, but it’s a crucial component to the birth of the modern electric scooter.  Electric scooters use lithium-ion […]

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Canberra to Join Cities with E-Scooter Sharing this August

By Mearth | Aug 18, 2020

The application to operate dockless electric scooter sharing schemes in Canberra closed last Monday. The ACT government is conducting a new trial to look at how electric scooters can be allowed in public land in a way that complies with road rules. Canberrans may finally be able to rent an electric scooter this August as […]

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